Things to look forward to

Hey friends! How’s your summer? If you answered “over” you must be a teacher. PS – Summer is still happening, it’s hot as balls out there (no idea how hot balls are) and even if Pumpkin Spice Lattes come out Tuesday, the 27th*, it’s not fall until September. My summer is going well. I’ve seen so much of Cute Boy this spring/summer if that big red truck weren’t parked in our driveway I might wonder if he lost his job and just hadn’t told me! Don’t worry, it’s almost September. That means seeding season. “Goodbye dear, seeding’s here!”

Before I start forgetting what my husband looks like we took a trip to Chicago to visit our BFFs. Oh, you’d like photos and a recap of that? Get serious. I took basically no photos. I definitely took zero photos of my friend Harvard. What an idiot. I swear we were there and since we did do ONE touristy thing I will upload those photos and recap it soon. What I want to talk about today is how now that summer is ALMOST over, some of you may be feeling like you have nothing to look forward to. I thought a short list of exciting things I’m looking forward to would be fun. And it will be…except that this first thing isn’t exactly what I thought it was.

September 17th. Have you see this? Humor me. Click on it. No, seriously. It’s not unsafe for work or going to be some kind of LONG video you have to watch, hell, it isn’t even KSU related. Did you click on it? Great, ok, when I saw this a week or so ago and after she’d been claiming her album was coming out “much sooner than you think” I squealed. Yes, really, because I thought it meant the album we’d been promised “before the end of the year” was coming out in 4 short weeks! It wasn’t until I was reading my fav B. Spears website that I realized, it’s just the first single. Come on! I need more than that. You’ve been stringing us along for almost a year about this damn Vegas thing, the least you can do is give us some music! Besides, I’ve noticed that the pap has caught you smoking cigs again. Britney, that makes me nervous. Cigs are a gateway for you to crazy. Please don’t do this to me. Again.

But let’s all get real. What I’m really thinking about is August 30th. Harvard’s brithday. No. Well, yes, it is and yes I am looking forward to him turning another year older even if I can’t share it with him but there is another exciting thing happening on the 30th. It’s gameday! The Big 12 Champs make their triumphant return to the new and improved Bill Snyder Family Stadium. I am still trying to wrap my head around a Friday game and I’ve decided we must be starting before everyone else because we are better than everyone else. While there is still uncertainty at quarterback and a lot of questions regarding the Wildcats, I couldn’t be happier to begin the next chapter. If you aren’t pumped up yet and if photos of that fancy stadium haven’t given you goosebumps lately, try watching this:

*You’re welcome


Soccer fan after all?

I think we all remember how I feel about soccer, right? If not, my feelings for soccer can be summed up as such: I don’t get it. KC has caught the bug. KC loves soccer and Sporting is having another great season. This past month Kansas City hosted its second Major League All Star game. Last year’s MLB All Star game was great for KC and so was this year’s MLS game.

Here’s 6 things I don’t get about soccer.


All about the gear, right?

1. Scarves.

Trophy Wife: “Do they play in the winter in Europe or something?”

Cute Boy: “Why?”

Trophy Wife: “Because why else is everyone wearing scarves?!”

Cute Boy: shakes head

We had a little pre game fun before the all star game. This is my kind of soccer outing.


Salad, polenta, and crustini with mozzarella


Corn salad and brisket sandwiches (Cute Boy’s, duh)  Marg (mine, duh)


I am wearing a Sporting shirt and I’ll say this about soccer apparel: They’ve got the market on comfortable shirts! Adidas shirts are SO soft!

The pregame show was cool:





There were even special vendors for this special game:


This guy was selling Beef Carpaccio…in a tux

2. Chants. Soccer fans are all about chants which, as a former cheerleader I do enjoy. However, I have an issue with some of the chants the KC Sporting fans do. One in particular. It goes like this: K-C Wiz, K-C Wiz, K-C Wiiiiiiiz. It’s about the Wizards. The old name for KC’s soccer team. They aren’t the Wizards anymore. WHAT ARE YOU CHANTING ABOUT?! Also, there are some people in the “Cauldron” (the section where the craziest soccer fans sit, they start all the chants – one of them plays a drum) that seem to be chant leaders. One girl spent the whole game jumping up and down, waving her hands to encourage chanting. I never once saw her look at the field. I don’t think she even likes soccer.

3. Time counts up in soccer. What? That is backwards. At one point in the first half:

Trophy Wife: “How long is a half?

Cute Boy: “Forty-five minutes”.

It was 21 minutes in. That’s when I knew it was going to be a long night.

The halftime show was a really cool mix of pyrotechnics and fireworks. But upon completion the stadium was full of smoke and the field littered with debris. I wondered if the whole thing had been thought through or not.


Random Trophy Wife musing: “Do you think it’s an American thing that we are into sports with our hands and the rest of the world was like “Fuck it, I’ll use my feet!”

Cute Boy: shakes head

4. Guys constantly warming up on the side line. I mean, I guess I do get that, you gotta stay warm and loose it’s just a strange sight to see when you are used to baseball players sitting in a dugout or football players sitting on benches. I kept getting distracted by them and watching them run sprints on the sideline.

5. Injuries. The first time I saw a game, one of the players fell down, I assumed from an injury and play just continued. I was appalled! How rude of everyone to keep playing while this poor guy was hurt! Cute Boy clued me in that play doesn’t stop because so many injuries in soccer are faked. What? Seriously? There are things in life you fake. Injuries is not one of them!

6. Fans cheering. This is it. The number 1 thing I don’t get about soccer. If Cute Boy is still reading this post he’ll stop right now because he thinks I’m completely stupid for this one. He thinks I just don’t get it. I DON’T!!!

The fans, they cheer…for nothing. That’s not true. They cheer because the ball is close to the goal. Close. Close only counts in hand grenades and horse shoes. It does not count in soccer. But I’ve realized soccer isn’t like football where you can cheer for a great pass, a long run, a huge hit or a great stop on 3rd down. Soccer isn’t like basketball where you can constantly cheer for a basket, a great shot, a big block, or a quick steal. Soccer isn’t like baseball where you can cheer for a home run, a great hit, a stolen base, or a needed strike out. The only thing to cheer for is a goal. And sometimes it doesn’t happen the entire game. Or it only happens a few times per game. So you have to cheer for…nothing.

What’s that? You want to hear about the actual game? Well, AS Roma beat the US All Stars 3-0.

Sock buns

You’ve heard of sock buns right? I know I’m late to this party but the last couple weeks people have asked me about it so I wondered if perhaps it hasn’t swept the nation as much as I’d thought. I’m in no way good at doing my hair although I have recently bought a curling wand so I pretend I know what I’m doing.  You should youtube search for a tutorial on how to do it. Jamie is a fan of the sock bun. It’s not hard but it’s not exactly easy either. Just takes a little practice. I’ve found a trick to check to see what my bun looks like.


Take a cell phone photo! Needless to say, there are a lot of photos on my phone of the back of my head.

20130601_090043 20130718_133731


Not sure if you could tell but I was on the phone in this photo too. Multi talented.


What I’ve been up to

Time for a life update via phone photos? OK!



Now, before you yell at me for taking photos while driving please note the orange construction sign. Traffice was at a stand still. Ever wonder how they change billboards? Well just how you’d imagine! Some guy has to climb up there and do it. I noticed they were tied on but it was still terrifying.


A couple weeks ago Cute Boy decided to have a bourbon tasting. He had plenty of options. It was all too rough for me.


Have you heard of cronuts? People are waiting in line and then reselling cronuts for $500. They are THAT good. Well, I guess I can’t speak for the original but I can speak for these that were made by one of the Chefs I work with. It’s a croissant. Fried like a donut. It’s as good as you imagine. No…better.

How about those Royals?


No team is hotter in baseball right now. We took in a game recently from the Diamond Club. Not too shabby.


The guy who works with Slugger is called the “Lion Tamer”



The other day I walked into an elevator at my hair salon and as the doors closed I looked up to see this:


Uh…it was a little unnerving.

Did you notice I’ve joined Instagram? I added it to the sidebar of my blog there on the left. Here’s a few examples of the groundbreaking things you can expect to see from @trophywifeKSU 


Tuesday Shoes


Found this in my shirt 3 hours later


Beers drank with @mrsgibbycooks and @jkeeley10

What have you been up to?

Cousins and friends

A few weeks ago I took a short trip to Emporia to visit my cousins. My friends. We had a great time, as always.

We had some late night sing-alongs.


We hung out with this sweetheart all weekend:


We had a bonfire and played beer pong on a table I can definitely get behind:


And we even hung out at the pool, taking Baby Delta on her first pool adventure.


I think she’s wondering why they are blowing up another toy when there’s already a boat behind her.


Dacey, Lolo, Baby Delta, Trophy Wife (in the back), Chelsea, and Amy

There may have been a few beverages consumed along the way.

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A great time was had by all. Can’t wait to do it again.



Anyone out there watching SYTYCD this year? I have been, of course, but it just isn’t the same anymore and I can’t quite tell you why. Maybe I’m just over it after so many seasons of watching. Overall I feel like each season either has good guys or good girls but not both. This season? Definitely the girls. The guys are all way too skinny for my liking. You know I like some shirtless hot guys dancing when I watch SYTYCD.

Current favorite: Jenna;

She’s been in the bottom quite a bit lately although last week I actually voted (thank you text voting) and this week she wasn’t in the bottom. Clearly it was my one vote.

Of course I also like Hayley. She’s from Topeka, KS, gotta support the hometown girl. Plus those abs…

Cat mentioned something this past week that called for further investigation. Twitch. My Twitch.This one:

He’s engaged. I guess I’m about 7 months late to this party because he got engaged in January. TO ALISON HOLKER! She’s from Season 2. Season 2 was the first season I started watching. Benji won. Travis Wall got 2nd. Never mind, back to Twitch. He met Alison on the All Star Season and now they are getting married. WHA?! I mean good for them.

Here’s a fun video about the proposal.

Guess I’ll just have to youtube some old episodes to get my fix of hot dancers with no shirts on. Pre engagement.