Wildcats and Wine

Several weeks ago I received an email inviting me to a KSU wine tasting at KState Olathe. I forwarded the email to my 2 favorite Wildcats who I enjoy wine with regularly, J&J. Without knowing it Jana did the same thing. It seemed as if it were meant to be. Somehow though, Jamie forgot to sign up and made other plans. We missed her desperately but had the best time catching up. And drinking wine.

I failed to take any photos of Jana or myself but I did get a nice photo of our commemorative wine glasses. With a powercat behind it.

The wine was provided by Somerset Ridge which is a local winery and I was impressed, it was pretty good. All eight wines that we tried. I was also impressed with KState Olathe. It was beautiful and they are doing some pretty cool things there. It got me wondering if I should give up this my current career and get a Master’s Degree in Food Science. What do you kids think?

They also did tours of the building but we were talking too much to participate in those. Plus you couldn’t take your wine because they have all these research labs and you might mess up some one’s research. Lame.

Jana and I pretty much shut the place down. It was a lot of fun, even if we were the youngest ones there by at least 10 years. When I first arrived one of the people checking us in suggested I meet someone new. And the man standing next to me held out his hand and said Hi, I’m Bob. Then he told me what he did and threw in that he was class of ’94. He laughed when I said I was class of ’05. I might be young compared to him and the grandparents in old lady sweaters that were there but I’m feeling older every day.

And oh yeah, mark this one off my list!