Are you trying to seduce me?

Hi friends. And for the record, yes, I am trying to seduce you. Always.

I watched The Graduate the other night. Netflix streaming is seriously lacking in good Classics but that one, they had. And I felt like it’s one of those movies you have to see, right? Yeah, no. Skip it. It was one of the strangest movies I’ve ever seen. Oh, you fucked my mom? Ok, let’s get married. What?

Other than that I’ve been very sporty. And trying to fit in whatever other Dirty Thirty list items I can. ONLY SIX MORE MONTHS! UGH!

First up, a happy hour with old friends, Virginia Slim (aka: swisher sweets) and Ms. Stack, a couple former coworkers that are great friends. We hit up Bluestem and to say I was anxious is an understatement. Bluestem has been on my “places to eat at in KC” list since the list was crafted. It is one of the most decorated restaurants in KC. And in case you didn’t know, take a trip to the bathroom. The walls are covered with copies of magazine articles and James Beard Awards. I guess if I had a JB I’d hang it too.

We started off with a bottle of wine. Then had another. Then another. It was 30% so that means we got one bottle free…right? It all gets a little fuzzy after the 3rd bottle. We also had the cheese plate.  I’ll be honest when I say it was just ok. The olives were also ok. Mostly because they had pits in them which is just rude. VS ordered the smoked Salmon platter and I prepared myself to eat something else. I’m not really into smoked Salmon. I guess I’ve just never had this one.

It was awesome. Like crazy good. We also ordered mac n’ cheese, french fries with 6 different sauces, and an heirloom BLT. Those took over an hour to get to us. Luckily we had wine. And things to catch up on. But we were very annoyed with that wait. VS bit the bullet and told our waiter we were disappointed. He comped that part of our meal. Sweet. But still a let down when I had such high expectations.

The other thing I’ve been doing is being sporty. A couple weekends ago Cute Boy and I hit up the Royals game. It rained. But we had diamond club seats so we didn’t get too wet. Ok, yes, we did get wet but it was a good time and the Royals beat the bag out of the White Sox which is always a good thing.

Please check out  how great our seats were. And not my yellow hair and white skin #awesome

The following weekend we checked out the other portion of the Truman Sports Complex by attending a Chief’s preseason game. Now, if you know me, you know I’m not a Chiefs fan. You know I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan and I don’t even want to talk about Terrence Newman going to the fucking Bengals. What you might not know is that I’ve attended quite a few Chiefs games the last 3 or so years. I’m on record saying there is not a bad seat in the house. And every seat looks better with this:

The Chiefs didn’t play so well, which made Cute Boy (who IS a Chiefs fan) super sad. Or something. We left in the 3rd quarter to go see The Bourne Legacy. It was late. I wasn’t totally impressed with the movie.

That’s about all the update I have except that COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON STARTS ON SATURDAY. I’m super excited but also well aware that repeating our amazing season is going to be VERY hard. For one thing, every game we won was SO CLOSE I THOUGHT I MIGHT HAVE A HEART ATTACK! And there’s also the fact that we dumped a couple teams we beat last year and replaced them with REALLY REALLY good teams. Every game is gonna be a struggle. The Big 12 is strong again and I couldn’t be happier. Well ok, I’d be happier if KSU went undefeated NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!

Cute Boy and I already made our bet for this season: he says 7-5, I went conservative with 9-3. If the Cats go 8-5 well then nobody wins. Except the Cats, eight times. See what I did there?