Top Ten Things I’m obsessed with right now

1. Not using an alarm. I’m not really sure what the science is behind this but I stopped using an alarm a few months ago and I literally wake up and look at the clock at 6:30am every single morning. Now, don’t get me wrong, Chris leaves before me so I’m awake long before I really need to be but it’s kinda crazy how it’s working. It also means I’ve been waking up earlier on the weekends without trying. Wasn’t that my New Year’s Resolution? Well it’s not working during the work week but it’s happening on the weekends without me trying. Don’t worry, I’m aware one of these days I’m going to oversleep by hours and be totally screwed. In the meantime I’m enjoying more restful sleep and peaceful wake ups.

2. Friday Night Lights. My BFF, Harvard, has been trying to get me on that bandwagon for years and I’d added it to my Netflix cue a long time ago. One of my coworkers mentioned that maybe we couldn’t be friends since I hadn’t seen it. So last weekend I sat down and began what is an epic journey. We are into the second season – definite sophomore slump (DON’T RUIN IT FOR ME YOU JERKS!) and while I am not sure it has changed my life I do know that if I had high school to do over again I’d be a totally different person. Wouldn’t it be amazing to go back knowing what you know now? I would be Tyra instead of Lyla if I could do it again. For sure.

3. Online shopping. It’s gotten a little out of control, truthfully. But I need things! No, I don’t. But I keep buying. Nothing major. Just some clothes. And makeup. And a new purse. I CAN’T STOP! I NEED HELP! No really, do you think I should buy these?

4. Snapchat. Are you using this app? You need to find me: faketrophywife and start sending me snapchats. I spend way too much time trying to think of something clever to send to someone and I’m only chatting with like 3 people. It’s too much fun. And I’m totally aware that somewhere the Snapchat people are keeping all of your naked photos so think about that before you send them. I don’t send any of those.

5. This Boston Tragedy. I have no idea why but I cry every time I see something about it. Is this because I’m old? Why is this one different?

6. My new purse. And wallet. See #3. Technically the purse is my birthday present. Aren’t they both amazing?


7. Spray Tan. I signed up for a monthly package (that they make you commit to for a year) so expect to see me tanner the next time you see me. I use this system.

8. Greek Yogurt. What is with Greek Yogurt having a heyday right now? Is it hey day? Or hay day? Whatever. I know, I know, what am I doing eating Greek yogurt when I’m all anti dairy? Not sure if it’s the increased protein (that should actually make it worse for my allergy) or what but I’ve been eating one every morning and haven’t seen any adverse affects. It’s delicious. Fage is my personal fav. And let’s focus on what is important: I’m eating breakfast daily for the first time since Elementary School.

9. SUVs. Cute Boy and I have been discussing buying a new car. (Wow I seem superficial after rereading all of these – 2 words: Trophy. Wife.) I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with my Tiburon but she’s getting on in years (WHO ISN’T?!) and mileage so at some point it will be time to move on. I never thought I’d buy anything besides a sedan but when Tibby was in the shop I drove a Crossover and loved it. So we’re internet browsing and fantasizing about cars we shouldn’t. This is what we really want.

9. The Draft. I tweeted that attending the draft was on my bucket list and when someone inquired what all the fuss was about I simply responded that the draft is about: Possibility. When I was in college, KSU’s own Terrence Newman was expected to go very early in the draft. In fact, the rumor was he was going to my beloved Dallas Cowboys. That combo meant I had to watch. This was back when the draft was on a Saturday, not Thursday night. Cute Boy and I had just started “hanging out” then and I mentioned that I’d be watching the draft that Saturday. Mostly I wanted him to think I was a cool girl who watched so much football that she both knew when the draft was on and was going to watch it. Cute Boy didn’t have cable at this point in his life (Or a cell phone – seriously, think about that. We used to talk on his house phone/my dorm room phone…those were the good old days) so I saw my opportunity. I asked him if he’d like to come over and watch. The rest, as they say…

Fast forward to this year, Thursday night I was sitting on my couch remembering this story when I decided to tweet about. The following Twitter convo ensued:

I credit the draft for Chris & I getting together. I invited him over – I wanted to watch get drafted

Good job Chris! And he should have invited you over but it all worked out haha!!

I’m sorry, did you catch that? TERRENCE NEWMAN TWEETED ME! I’m famous. This is almost like the time John Mayer started following me on Twitter. I can barely contain my fame these days.

T New jersey

10. This weather. I know it’s only going to last a day but this sunshine has legit changed me. I am a different person today. I didn’t really think SAD got me this year but clearly it did because my outlook on life today is SUNNY and BRIGHT for the first time in a long time.


What gets out hummus? What gets out hummus?

Bonus points for the first person who knows what that title is from. Double bonus point if you can tell me the best line of that episode.

This weekend, I took my VitaMix out for a stroll. I’ve only been making smoothies and while they are AMAZINGLY SMOOTH, you can’t buy a VitaMix and only make smoothies. Well you can. Also, while you watch “Chopped” you can point out to your husband every time one of the Chefs uses a ViatMix. This also works during Iron Chef.

In an attempt to be an Iron Chef I made hummus this weekend. I used this recipe. Which meant I had to take the shell off the chickpeas.


And then I got to use my VitaMix.

20130413_150304 (1)

I’ll be honest when I say it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. There really is no oil in that recipe so there is very little liquid. I ended up using much more water than was called for simply because it gets put in the blender last and VitaMixs don’t like it like that. Or so I’ve learned.

Consistency? Smoothly perfect. Taste? A little bland. Guess my chickpeas just aren’t that tasty. Next time I’d add way more garlic (possibly roast it first) and more lemon juice. Perhaps the water watered it down? Who knows. Come over sometime and I’ll try again.


With a heavy sigh

One of my coworkers asked me what was wrong the other day. I shook my head in my cubicle and asked why she thought something was wrong.

Your sigh. It was deep.

I hadn’t even noticed I’d done it. I went about my day realizing that I was sighing repeatedly, oftentimes for no reason at all. Well, that’s not true. Plenty of reasons. It’s been hectic at work. Lots of extra things to do. Lots of phone calls that are tough. Lots of late nights. But them’s the breaks, kids. I’m starting to wonder if I’m just getting old or something.

Along those lines, can we please talk about the epidemic of busyness in this country? I think Jana is the one who first made me first think about this but I seem to see the signs everywhere now. When did we decide that being busy was some kind of badge of honor? Why is there a competition over who has more to do? Why are we proud of this busyness? Are these tasks really bringing anything to your life? And honestly, really, are you that busy? I am. Oooh boy, am I? I mean I have to go to work every single day. Well, no. Five days a week, occasionally 6. The past two weeks I’ve worked late every day. Oh, except that day I left right at 5pm and had drinks with my coworkers. Then when I get home LATE I have to cook dinner. Well, occasionally I cook dinner. Several times a week I let someone else cook it while I leisurely chat with my husband and drink a cocktail. Then after dinner I have to…uh…well, there’s the general television watching and getting ready for bed thing that really takes up time. And the weekends? Man, do you know that last weekend I had to go to the grocery store, get my spray tan*, buy a couple birthday gifts, AND!! AND I made hummus. Le. Sigh.

Sorry for the sarcasm. I understand many of you actually are very busy and I don’t want to diminish that, I just wonder what we are accomplishing while attempting to accomplish so much. I’m very deep. And I wanted to make fun of myself a little so that next weekend when I feel so busy I’ll remember that I’m not.

Now, I would be blogging a lot more but you know…I’m really busy!


*I’ve been spray tanning. It is awesome. Really, I look amazing. Tell me I don’t.

My life in phone pictures

I think it’s interesting what kinds of pictures I find on my phone. I figured this would be a great way to show you what I’ve been up to lately.

I finally got my birthday dinner at North. They used to have this amazing tomato/mozzarella salad that I still dream about. It’s off the menu now and even though I know that I mention it to the server everytime we eat there. Each time they assure me that I am not the only one sad to see the salad go. They offered to make it for me, off menu (I LOVE THAT KIND OF SERVICE) but when I saw they had an appetizer that was basically the same thing only a crustini instead of a salad I opted for that. It was beautiful.


My favorite 2 year old (sorry other 2 year olds, get over it) turned 2 (duh) last month. My sister threw an adorable party.


It was cookies and milk themed. You can read more about the cuteness on my sister’s blog. Despite our efforts to get Tava to dig into her cake with her hands she wouldn’t. I think she was wondering why mom wouldn’t give her a fork? So she did this instead.

20130310_152242Don’t act like you’ve never thought about diving face first into a cake.

I took this next photo to tweet about how talented my sous chef is. Chris julienned these peppers but I can’t even remember what we were cooking. And I forgot to tweet it.


The week after KC was host to my favorite event (The Big XII Men’s Basketball Tournament) they also played host to a few 2nd and 3rd round NCAA Tournament games. The NAIA tournament was ALSO in KC the same time as Big XII. Jana‘s Husband’s Team played really well and had some very exciting wins. Basketball fans filled the hotel the entire month of March. It was SUCH a fun time to work in a hotel.


If the first thing you noticed was how TINY some of those cheerleader’s waists are, I know why we are friends. They are much smaller in real life. I wondered what size those skirts were, -2? Little know Trophy Wife fact: the only school besides KSU that I even thought about applying to was UNC. I badly wanted to attend school there and was far along in the application process (there were 4 essays you had to write and it cost something like $150 to apply) when I decided the out of state tuition was too much and that I wanted to stay near my high school boyfriend. I ended up at Kansas State University instead. Sometimes I do wonder how different my life would be if I’d flown 1900 miles away from home and become a Tar Heel.

My family celebrated Easter in Emporia with my mom’s side of the family. The day was dominated by the babies in our lives and at one point I looked over to see my sister and cousins reading a book to Lolo’s daughter, Delta.


It seemed like a moment I wanted to capture.

Soccer Fan and I attended a Sporting game a couple weeks ago. Still boring. But exciting to have a local team winning. Speaking of, how about those ROYALS?!

I took some leftover flowers from an event and put together an arrangement for my desk. My coworker, who is engaged, and I both sent a photo to our significant others thanking them for the flowers. I do this ALL.THE.TIME. to Cute Boy. It’s my not so subtle reminder that he aught to send his wife flowers. He never responded to the text. My coworker’s fiance texted and called to find out who exactly sent her flowers. Suppose that’s the difference between married 5 years and newly engaged?


Now that I can see all of my shoes and now that there isn’t snow on the ground I’ve been wearing a lot more fun shoes. Some of them are not in the best shape. Remember when I bought these beauties in Vegas to wear to the Britney concert? They are fraying and that makes me sadface.


One of the things I do for my job is attend pre convention meetings for large city-wide conventions. Sometimes there is food. When I left the other afternoon my coworker asked me to bring her something if they had treats. I excitedly texted her this photo of the cake pops I snagged. I was mad I hadn’t brought my purse so I could grab more. Yes, really.


There’s been some buzz about the new Boulevard Coffee Ale. I tried it.


It’s no Chocolate Ale. #stillbitter Pun intended.

Whenever we grab a drink after work my boss always orders dessert. Not bad. This chocolate torte had a coconut drizzle on it that was totally unexpected but delicious.


It’s Spring in my house! And yes, I do know what this coming week is going to be like. Duh, I’m married to a weatherologist. That’s what he calls it because after all he’s not “tracking meteors!”


Need to blog

Cute Boy told me I needed to blog. When I asked him what I should blog about he suggested something very inappropriate. So in lieu of that post I’ll just start rambling and see where it goes.

  • Work. Well…we converted to a new computer system over the past few weeks and I’m bored now while everyone else is having nightmares and working twice as much. I say this more as a commentary on the difference between generations in the workplace than as a way to toot my own horn. The downside of course, is that if you know what you are doing everyone comes to you to ask questions. Also, one of the other event managers quit. That, of course, means the workload is distributed between 2 people instead of 3. Whatevs. Per ushe. I failed to win the lottery last week so I’m still working. Living the dream.
  • Did you notice that the weather got nice for like 2 minutes? Ok, several days. Then they talked about snow for today and I really did decide to move. Sorry, kids, I’m over it. It’s fucking April. If I’m gonna live somewhere that gets snow in April it’s gonna be Denver where they have 300 sunny days a year. Three. Hundred. Wanna know how many KC has? 215. Also, when I googled that I got some disparaging info about Denver having 300 sunny days a year. Rain on my parade. Literally. No, figuratively. Anyway, how about somewhere that it doesn’t snow in April? Ever. That’s my next move.
  • Basketball. My Great Aunt at Easter said she was pretty tired of all this Basketball taking over her television after I mentioned that the past month at the hotel had been dominated by basketball. I love it. Even though my bracket was busted in the second round (first) after my Wildcats failed to win. You know I had them winning it all. Oh, and Go Shox!
  • Cute Boy has been doing some home improvement by building some closet organization in our office closet. I’m pretty sure it was for him to increase the amount of space he had for clothes but somehow this happened: You know all I see is room for growth, right? I also kind of forgot about some of those shoes which is just sad. Also, they are organized which you may not have noticed at first glance. The top left section are all shoes with sequins on them. To the right are suede shoes (you know shoes that can’t get wet?). Middle left are all black and middle right have at least some black on them. The bottom left are just whatever else was left.
  • A couple weeks ago Mego and I went to see The Bloggess do a book reading. I’m not a Bloggess reader but nearly cried laughing at her story telling. It was good to catch up with Megan and a fun way to spend an evening.
  • Have I given you a review of my VitaMix yet? It’s magic. All I’ve made are smoothies. Oh, and garlic paste. Well, I intended to chop up some garlic in olive oil so I had some available whenever needed but I either overmixed or under added the olive oil because when I went back a couple days later to use it it was a paste. But still worked. Come over, I’ll make you some soup sometime. (You can make soup in the VitaMix. It heats up the soup. I DON’T UNDERSTAND EITHER, I THINK IT’S WITCHCRAFT!)

Oh, and no April Fool’s jokes here, ain’t nobody got time for that.