Cute Boy tells me that I cannot call my neice a baby now that she’s 2 years old (almost 3 if you ask her). I refuse. She’s my baby. I had the pleasure of spending a couple weekends in Manhattan with my sister and her adorable family. If I had one complaint it would be that Baby Tava does NOT like having her picture taken. In fact she does things like this:


#nopicturesplease #varsitydonuts

After two weekends of trying to take photos of Tava I have a few tips. Try catching her when she’s eating:



Or playing doctor:

Playing doctor

Or maybe when she’s at the salon:

painting toenails

She still got that hand up to block her face.

Or, try to catch her when she’s got her back turned.


She ran into her room, put on her pjs, and sat in my lap to watch cartoons. This was my favorite moment of the weekend.

If you do by chance get a photo of her face, it’s probably going to be blurry.


But still pretty. Not only does she not like photos of herself but she’s hard to catch because she’s constantly inbetween costume changes. The above photo was taken at 9am and she was already on her 5th outfit. She’s also in love with music and I tried hard to get video of her singing OUR favorite song, wrecking ball. I finally got one but you can’t really hear her voice. And instagram cut off her head. Jerks.

We did go to the game after I got as many hugs as she’d give. When I saw the new stadium facade it took my breath away.

West stadium center2

West stadium center

Cute Boy told me not to cry so I kept it together. We found our brick. It’s in a bad ass spot right up front, to the right of the Bill Snyder statue. I think it’s because what I wrote is so cool.


Then we headed in to check out the addition. I also decided to use the new bathrooms as I helped pay for those! A $3o0 bathroom trip is quite expensive in Cute Boy’s opinion.

west side


Cute Boy noticed both our Heisman finalists were #7


My heart ached again thinking about the previous year as we were there almost to the day of the 2012 Baylor game. Still hurts. Still a special year.

Bill Snyder

My two favorite Hall of Famers

It always feels like home when the stadium fills up with Purple.


This time there was double the usual amount of purple as we were playing TCU. It was such an exciting game, down the wire. When TCU’s kicker drilled a 56 yard field goal late in the game Cute Boy and I both thought it was over. Amazingly the Cats pulled out a huge victory! #EMAW

Ask me to tell you the story of the TCU fan sitting behind us sometime in person. It’s a good one.

Chris and DeAnna at game

Not that lady. A different one. Also ask me to tell you about my cell phone sometime. As you can see, it takes awesome selfies

A photo of Cute Boy and I in Aggieville? Ok.

Chris and DeAnna Aggieville


Baby is not amused.

How about one more of my Baby? Her dad tried to snag a photo of me reading a book to her.


Things to look forward to

Hey friends! How’s your summer? If you answered “over” you must be a teacher. PS – Summer is still happening, it’s hot as balls out there (no idea how hot balls are) and even if Pumpkin Spice Lattes come out Tuesday, the 27th*, it’s not fall until September. My summer is going well. I’ve seen so much of Cute Boy this spring/summer if that big red truck weren’t parked in our driveway I might wonder if he lost his job and just hadn’t told me! Don’t worry, it’s almost September. That means seeding season. “Goodbye dear, seeding’s here!”

Before I start forgetting what my husband looks like we took a trip to Chicago to visit our BFFs. Oh, you’d like photos and a recap of that? Get serious. I took basically no photos. I definitely took zero photos of my friend Harvard. What an idiot. I swear we were there and since we did do ONE touristy thing I will upload those photos and recap it soon. What I want to talk about today is how now that summer is ALMOST over, some of you may be feeling like you have nothing to look forward to. I thought a short list of exciting things I’m looking forward to would be fun. And it will be…except that this first thing isn’t exactly what I thought it was.

September 17th. Have you see this? Humor me. Click on it. No, seriously. It’s not unsafe for work or going to be some kind of LONG video you have to watch, hell, it isn’t even KSU related. Did you click on it? Great, ok, when I saw this a week or so ago and after she’d been claiming her album was coming out “much sooner than you think” I squealed. Yes, really, because I thought it meant the album we’d been promised “before the end of the year” was coming out in 4 short weeks! It wasn’t until I was reading my fav B. Spears website that I realized, it’s just the first single. Come on! I need more than that. You’ve been stringing us along for almost a year about this damn Vegas thing, the least you can do is give us some music! Besides, I’ve noticed that the pap has caught you smoking cigs again. Britney, that makes me nervous. Cigs are a gateway for you to crazy. Please don’t do this to me. Again.

But let’s all get real. What I’m really thinking about is August 30th. Harvard’s brithday. No. Well, yes, it is and yes I am looking forward to him turning another year older even if I can’t share it with him but there is another exciting thing happening on the 30th. It’s gameday! The Big 12 Champs make their triumphant return to the new and improved Bill Snyder Family Stadium. I am still trying to wrap my head around a Friday game and I’ve decided we must be starting before everyone else because we are better than everyone else. While there is still uncertainty at quarterback and a lot of questions regarding the Wildcats, I couldn’t be happier to begin the next chapter. If you aren’t pumped up yet and if photos of that fancy stadium haven’t given you goosebumps lately, try watching this:

*You’re welcome

With a name like that…

One of my favorite things is seeing what Internet searches bring people to my blog. As you can imagine most are trophy wife related. Below are my favorites and my first reaction upon reading them. You should check your searches out too!

fake trophy wife             Yes!

being 30 sucks     Also, yes!

i’m not happy 30 sucks   You’ll get over it

trophy wives with fake  Wonder where they were going with that?

hobby lobby gemstone mirror   SEE! It is cool!

why trophy wives suck       I can’t think of a single reason

rodney mcgruder and martavious            Gonna miss those kids

real life trophy wife        I wish

j&j wife                Yay! I love J&J…but they don’t have wives…

trophy wife stadium       They totally should have named KSU’s new stadium after me

trophy wives have great life        I bet they do just like I bet English is not your first language

emaw is stupid   We know how I feel about that!

ryan reynolds trophy wife            YES!! Why didn’t I think of that instead of falling in love?

some inappropriate trophy wife searches that I won’t repeat       I bet these folks were disappointed to find my blog!

what gets out hummus              Club soda?

being 30               See number 2

my husband called me his trophy wife   So does mine! Take it as a compliment even thought it might have meant you are high maintenance

how to eat like a trophy wife      Ha! Also disappointed here because I don’t eat like a Trophy Wife

Is this real life?

My Favorite Wildcat and I hit up the Big 12 Championship game last weekend.

And that’s all I have to say.

Actually I have a lot more to say but you’ll have to ask me about it in person.


How about some pictures?


Willie prior to tip off


Starting line ups


Bruce on the right; Tay and Rod jumping during introductions




Yep, yeah, these seats will do





No need for security to be eyeing me. Now with last year’s coach? Yes, keep track of me then.




That’s a secret handshake, you wouldn’t understand (no, it’s not)




Gip…come on man!


I’m sure that’s a foul


JO stayin’ loose on the bike


Tay at the end of his last Big 12 game as a Wildcat; Those arms…


Rodney McGruder, you will be missed

Can I count this on my Dirty Thirty list even though it was 3 weeks after the birthday?

As we walked back to the car I saw Coach Snyder. I asked My Favorite Wildcat if we could say hello. I walked right up, took his hand and said, “I’m sorry to interrupt you Coach, I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for Kansas State”. He smiled at me and said, “Thank you”. I’ll take that ending.


It’s my favorite week of the year. I know it’s not quite March Madness but this is as close as it gets for me. Thanks to an amazing turn of events the Big 12 Conference is stronger than ever and the Men’s Basketball Tournament will be in Kansas City for years to come. Remember when we were almost relegated to the Mountain West Conference? Ugh. But still one of my favorite posts of all time.

How about those Wildcats? What’s that? You expected me to wax over OUR SECOND BIG 12 CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE YEAR? Get serious.

So…now we can move on? I think that speaks for itself.

I guess. But if you are a Wildcat and don’t know about this section of, well, check it out and change your life!

So, back to the Big 12, I’m working my tail off and winking at ball players much too young for me so I’ll catch ya next week. Enjoy my favorite week of the year, it’ll be over before we know it.

What is going on?

Not sure if you’re up on this news, Wildcats, but there is a lot going on in the football offseason. Alot. I know we are all focused on this great basketball season that we are having, and we should be, after all, the Cats are #18ish (why are there so many polls out there? Can’t we just have one so I know what we are ranked?) and kickin’ ass. HUGE win on Saturday. Tell me you saw that block by Southwell a couple games ago? I lost my mind watching it. My reaction was something like this:

Big game coming up.

But, what you might have missed in all this Bball excitement is that something is going on in football. Something troubling. Something no one can really explain. First it was Joe Bob. Yes, his name is Joe Bob Clements and he’s been on KSU’s defensive coaching staff for 11 seasons. He played for KSU in ’99. He’s considered one of our best recruiters. Or was. He left. He took a job in Stillwater (gross) with OSU. He’ll be their Defensive Coordinator next season. There are rumors about why he left; money is one of the more popular ideas. The official reason I keep hearing has something to do with his family. WHAT ABOUT YOUR EMAW FAMILY?

This was a big blow last weekend when it happened. Then a few days ago it was announced that Michael Smith was also leaving. He has been the wide receivers coach the last 4 years. He’s class of ’95. He’s considered to be an even better recruiter than Joe Bob. I think he’s going to Arkansas. That’s not important.

What is important is that two former players, two Bill Snyder guys, two great recruiters on the defensive side of the ball have left just days before the signing deadline. What is going on? There are rumors about Snyder. It’s no secret he thinks his son should take over when he does leave. But when is that? Am I to believe it might be soon and that’s why people are jumping ship? I don’t believe that. What I mean is, I believe when the 2013 season begins next fall that Bill Snyder will be standing on the sidelines wearing his 2013 Fiesta Bowl jacket (or he might stick with the 2012 Cottonbowl one). Or is all of this unrelated? Did success create opportunities for these men to advance their career and that is why they are leaving? I don’t know. But I do know that I’m nervous.

Top Ten Tuesday

I’ve been blogging a lot. Alot. I want that noted. And I’m going to copy Jamie for as long as it seems fun so let’s start with today’s Top Ten. These are questions her 6th graders asked of her. I don’t have 6th graders (thank God) so I’ll use her questions.

1.  What is your favorite color?

2.  What is your favorite movie?
This really stumped me. I don’t have a go-to answer anymore. A Few Good Men? It’s a movie I could watch every single time it comes on TV, does that count? What about Elf? I LOVE that movie.

3.  What is your favorite food?
Carbs. Can you tell I’m not eating many of them? Queso dip and chips is the real answer.

4.  How did you learn to cook?
A culmination of things: watching my mom cook growing up, watching more Food Network than anyone should, FACS class in high school, and definitely cooking classes in college, followed by cooking in my own apartment kitchen from age 20 until now.

5.  How did you learn to sew?
FACS classes in high school. LOVE LOVE LOVED my FACS classes although they sound super lame compared to what Jamie and Jana do.

6.  What do you order at Starbucks?
Tall soy Caramel Machiatto. But now I make my own latte every day. Less calories, less sugar, so much fun though. Love my Nespresso.

7.  How old are you?
Or, mind your own damn business.

8.  Why don’t you like KU?
Loved Jamie’s answer. Mine is: I can’t. It is not possible to be a KSU alumn and like KU. If you can’t understand that answer you don’t understand EMAW and I can’t explain it to you, you have to live it. I’m talking to you, “emaw is stupid”. Apparently so is using capitalization. But going back to Jamie’s question, why do you like them?

9.  Are you strict?
Ha. What are we talking about? Yes, ok, the answer is yes. Life is very black and white to me. If it’s not to you, you’re going to make me uncomfortable. I’m going to wish I could be more like you but you’re going to make me uncomfortable.

10.  Have you ever been broken up with or broken up with someone?
Yes. I’m always the dumpee. Even when I think it probably should be over. Even when I’m not happy. Even when a week prior I say something like, “I think we should break up” to a friend. I will never be the one to end it. What does that tell you about me?

Leave some ideas for Top Ten Tuesday in the comments. Do it!


I’ve been doing a little cooking lately. Some things have been boring (a lot of salads and stir frys) but some of them have been kind of fun. Let’s have a look, shall we?

The following is about #fiesta13. I failed to take any photos of people at the actual Fiesta. Oops. What you should know is that that I had a lot of fun, not counting anything related to the actual game and even though there was a kitchen disaster prior to anyone showing up I have been cleared to continue to have Bowl Parties! Yay! Also, I cleaned all day long (lame) and finally got a frame for this:


You prob don’t have one of these. They were only available at the pep rally in Dallas. I have no idea if that’s true but that is where I got this one.

While cleaning I found some KSU balloons. When else are you going to use balloons? So I went and got them filled. Cute Boy asked if I was planning a 5 year olds birthday party.


Party’s here!

Alright, yeah, he’s kinda right. Whatevs!

I also made a pretty some pretty good food:


The above picture shows chips in the back with gauc, 2 kinds of salsa near that, hard shell tacos (my drink), and tortillas for soft tacos. In the front is bread with this amazing Fromage Fort (cheese dip). It was awesome. I also made this and this cheese dip. Lots of cheese. Try that last link next time you want to make cheese dip instead of that velveeta thing. That’s not cheese. I sauteed an onion and then just dropped that, the cheeses, cream, and a can of rotele into the crock pot. It was better than that velveeta thing and just as easy.


I bought a rotisserie chicken which meant I had to cut all the meat off the bone. I seriously gagged at one point when the spine of the chicken fell off in my hand. How are you people eating this? I also made beans.


And I made my own sweetened lime juice for margaritas. I threw in some Chamboard so it would be purple. Delicious. Everyone else drank beer (or wine).

I never know how to end these things. The End.

Bah Humbug

Just me or this year Christmas didn’t really feel like Christmas?

Due to the new job I had exactly one day off of work (Christmas Day) which is in stark contrast to my usual 2 weeks. It meant that I didn’t get nearly as much time with Cute Boy and it meant I missed 2 family Christmas’ as well. Boo.

My mom wanted to get together on the 22nd but I told her I had plans. The Wildcats were in town! Cute Boy and I had a great time at the KSU/Florida Men’s Basketball Game at the Sprint Center in downtown KC. We saw Dean Bosco, KSU Superfan Robert Lipson, and Mr. K-State Ernie Barrett. KSU TRIFECTA!

I only took two photos. One of the court prior to the game:


And one of the scoreboard after:


Suck it Gators

Yep, totally just beat the bag outta #8 ranked Florida. Brucey might not be as entertaining as that last guy but this is the first time we’ve beaten a non Big 12, ranked opponent since the ’60s so I’m in. I told you guys to give him a chance! The refs at the game were awful. Terrible. Horrible. At one point Cute Boy said, “We’re not in our living room, you can’t say that”. I don’t remember what I said. I’m sure it was awesome. Also, per ushe, we were seated right next to a Florida fan. It’s not even funny anymore.

We did get together with the fam on the 23rd. I got these amazing rings from my mom and dad.


I also got to hang out with this gorgeous baby:


Still a baby to me even though she’s almost 2

Somehow I always only take photos of her. Oops.





Looks like I did take one other photo with the first niece who ever came into my life



I bought her a red tutu and she wanted to put it on NOW


Love you mom!


I worked on the 24th. I was very productive. I promise. I tried to go to mass. I arrived 30 minutes early. After I parked a block and a half away and walked in from the cold, I discovered that there wasn’t even space to stand, let alone sit, in the lobby of the church. I wasn’t gonna stand for 2 hours and not be able to sing along to the Christmas music. I turned around and walked back to the car, freezing again. Bad Catholic. I later heard there were 1800 people at that mass in a church that seats 1000 people.

We spent the evening with Cute Boys family playing bunco. Really.

Then Cute Boy and I opened gifts. Around our Christmas Tree. That’s right, I gave in and we put up the Christmas tree.


I’m a pushover. And he spoils me. I’d link to my blog post from last year with ALL. THE. GIFTS! But ya know, I deleted all those photos from my old blog. Oops.


Wine and vodka…,my true loves


Fancy espresso machine and milk frother


Sephora gift card.                                                                      I also received an unphotographed gift card to Lululemon


I can always use more purple in my life



So he actually bought me 3 espresso machines. He wasn’t sure which color I’d like so he bought all three and let me choose. Yes, really. I chose the one on the right.

I felt like I did SO good with Cute Boy’s gifts this year. He’s impossible to shop for. Here’s what I got him:


I shipped this and 2 mini bottles of bourbon from Kentucky. This tastes like a root beer float and we’ve had more than our share of boozy root beer floats this week


This lets you try several different colognes and then trade in a certificate for a full bottle of the one you like


Season 5


I bought this for our trip to Miami. Womp womp. Then he kept looking at it online until he decided he wanted to buy it and I had to tell him I already had.

We had a lovely brunch at Drinking Buddy and BIL’s house on Christmas Day and then we spent the next 11 hours with them drinking, eating, and playing Wii U.

Then I went back to work.

Womp. Womp.

It was a wonderful holiday. I’m truly blessed and grateful. <Insert every other thing I’m supposed to say> It just didn’t feel like Christmas usually does.

Big XII Champs!

Prior to KSU’s only loss this football season I saw that tickets for the last game of the season, against Texas, were selling for hundreds of dollars on StubHub. We considered selling ours but chose to enjoy the ride instead. I’ll let you guess which one of us wanted to sell and which one of us decided against it. After the devastating loss the game against Texas became even more important. Win it and we win the Big 12 and a trip to a BCS bowl game. Lose and well…lose it all.

The day started not in our favor as Oklahoma won and somehow clinched a “share” of the Big 12 title even if we were to win that night. There has to be tie breaker. Wanna make it non conference record? Ok. We win. Don’t like that? How about head to head game outcome? Yeah, we won that too. Suck it Oklahoma, you get a share of nothing. Except a lifetime supply of visors.

The game was set again, for 7pm. When we arrived in Manhattan we went to visit my second favorite Wildcat. She is adorable! And when her dad asked her who I was she said, “Chris!” Ah, close enough, kid!

Her shirt says, “Don’t change me ’til the game’s over!” and I apparently gave it to her last Christmas.

We arrived to the game early, it was Senior Night and I wanted to see the boys off. I took this next photo cause I could tell it was someone…just not sure who.

Oh, my least favorite KSU Quarterback ever: Ell Roberson

To prove we were there I asked someone behind us to take a picture of us. It’s terrible.


The Pride

Senior Day Tunnel

Luckily, I brought the fancy new camera which I basically bought for KSU games. So when all I can see is the photo above, I can zoom in and find what I want to see like this:

And this:

Look closely, that’s Bill Snyder talking to The Chris Harper

Captains getting ready for coin toss. Stupid Longhorn Network visible in the background

Senior, Collin “How needs a Heisman, I have Jesus” Klein

Quarterback sneak: Automatic Touchdown every time

The first half sucked. We went out and visited Jamie and Drew’s tailgate at halftime. None of us were ready for another loss. We spent the entire third quarter at the tailgate. we just didn’t want to go back in. Finally, as the 4th quarter started and things got really exciting we headed back in.

Near the end, when it was clear we would win there was a moment I will never forget. Willie headed up to the pressbox, standing on top of it as he used to regularly when I was in school but hasn’t really done since. There was an eery fog moving in but you could clearly see him as he held up a large Big XII sign over his head. The crowd lost their mind. then he started the K-S-U-Wildcats! chant and that was the loudest I’ve ever heard any crowd anywhere. It was amazing.

People started throwing tortillas and tortilla chips in the stands as it became clear we would be attending the Fiesta Bowl in January. I thought it was hilarious that so many people had come up with the same idea.

Then we won.

Midfield Celebration

Purple Fireworks

Those darn college kids stormed the field

In the middle you can see the team holding up their helmets

I never considered running onto the field. Signs you know you’re old

Tre Walker, Collin Klein, Ty Zimmerman, and Mr. Bill Snyder

Bill smiling at his boys

AD John Currie takes the mic

President Kirk Schulz brings in the hardware

Big XII Defensive Player of the Year, Arthur Brown, holds the Big XII trophy high

Bill gave this great speech and I kicked myself for not recording it. He thanked the family and then said, “We’re not sure where we’re going next but we’ve got a good idea. We’ve been there before! Last time about 45,000 Wildcat Fans came out to support us, I’ve got a feeling they’ll be even more this time!”

It made me sad. I wanna go to Arizona!

Who needs a Heisman when you can have a Conference Title?

I was ecstatic, but sad we wouldn’t be going to the bowl game, a decision we’d made earlier in the year. The last time we won a Big 12 title I was in school. This time I was there. Pretty Bad Ass.

The next morning my second favorite Wildcat came in to wake up my first favorite Wildcat.


She’s become obsessed with the Cats. Each morning she tells her mom or dad that she wants to wear “Willie Wildcat” which means something with a powercat on it. Whenever she sees a powercat she points at it and says, “Willie Wildcat!” She’s my favorite.