Party Animals

The long weekend meant I got to mark off a few things from my Dirty Thirtylist. First, I watched a classic. A Streetcar Named Desire. Who knew Marlon Brando was so hot back in his day? That’s about the only positive thing I have to say. I mean I’d read the play back in high school so I knew it was going to be slow but not even Vivien Leigh and hot Marlon Brando could make up for the black and white.
The other item I marked off the list was that trip to the zoo. When I mentioned our zoo trip to Drinking Buddy she said she didn’t think we were really zoo people. She might have been right.
Before we left, National Geographic Photographer was so super excited:

Jamie picked us up and when we arrived we headed over to the sea lions to meet up with Jana and her adorable family.


Cade was pretty excited about the whole thing as well.


The KC Zoo has everything you’d expect from a zoo:








Cute Babies. Oh wait, we brought that one. And she slept through most of the zoo.


Cade didn’t miss a thing.



National Geographic Photographer took over the fancy camera from me and snagged this gem:


They’re just cuddling.

He also took the rest of these:

After the first few hours it got really hot. And I remembered every other trip I’d taken to a zoo.



And then we got to the gorillas. I have this phobia. Of gorillas. I always thought they were pretty scary (so big!) and then several years ago I saw the movie 28 Days Later. And it solidified all of my fears.


Luckily these guys were pretty far away.

This guy was a little too close for comfort. National Geographic Photographer took this one. And I hid WAY behind everyone else.


You think that glass could keep him in if he wanted to get out and tear me limb from limb? Get serious.

It was about this time that we decided to pack it up and head out. But not before getting a photo of the girls.


And a Rhino.


And a  Giraffe (and zebras)


And a Hippo



Before we could leave though we had to catch the big attraction of the KC Zoo. The Polar Bear. He was very popular so I could only get one photo.


He was swimming and showing off for everyone. I was quite impressed.

Who wants to see more pictures of the cute kids?

Oh, alright!



It’s such a pleasure watching Jana’s family grow. She has settled into her role as their mother so graciously while remaining a great friend to Jamie and I. I’m so lucky to have Jamie and Jana in my life.

Several hours after arrival we took a couple group photos.



Check this one off the list. We had a great time together but I’m pretty sure the KC zoo won’t be making the 40 before 40 list.


Blogger updated it’s format?

Hi friends, how’s life?

Mine seems to be weighing me down which is annoying. Last night I told Cute Boy I was feeling melancholy* because I just didn’t have much to look forward to. He decided to list the things I have to look forward to, including but not limited to: the zoo and Tosh.0 coming back this month. He knows me so well. And is so sweet to cheer me up when needed.

Last night was supa fun and I got to try a new restaurant. I met J&J at Urban Table for dinner. We hadn’t gotten together since before the baby was born so we had a lot to catch up on. And a lot of summer plans to detail.

I arrived first and ordered Sangria.

Do you remember the last time we had Sangria? In case you don’t, please reread Jamie’s post about it. I laughed again and again while reading that AND realized that in a year we haven’t changed much because we made some of the same jokes last night and took similar photos.

When Jana arrived we oohed and ahhed over her outfit like we usually do. AND she had purple hair.

Once we were all assembled the chatting began. I might have said the F word loud enough that J&J both shushed me at one point. Oops. We had some great polenta fries and then Jana and I ordered Bruschetta while Jamie got a salad. Womp womp womp. I made fun of her salad choice most of the night but let’s be honest, someone ran a 3:53 marathon and is doing Insanity while someone else is carb loading.

Bacon, Artichoke, Golden Beets, Caprese

I chose my first three toppings quickly and then hesitated. I really wanted the Tomato/Candied Bacon combo and since I love Pork and was in the presence of Pork Royalty I decided to go for it. After I ordered, Jamie told our waiter, “She’s a vegan”. Dude! Why you gotta call me out like that? I clarified that I’m a sober vegan. He liked that.

We kept our drinking to a minimum but our gossiping, blog talking, and laughing at a maximum. As we left we caught some guy hooking his bike up to his SUV, switching his shoes and heading into a bar. We determined that he tells his family that he’s going biking but instead goes to the bar. Incidentally all three of us have decided to take up biking.

Expect more J, J, and TDub shenanegans this summer, we have LOTS of plans.

*No, I did not use that word, are you serious?


This weekend Ball Boy and I headed down to the greatest city on Earth. Manhattan, KS. We arrived around 8pm on Saturday and headed straight for dinner. The entire drive up I was trying to figure out where we should eat. There are so many great options that I was overwhelmed. Suddenly it hit me, the restaurant my parents always took me to in college: Little Apple Brewery. I hadn’t been there in years.
I decided to try out their beer flight:
They were all awesome! I was partial to the Wildcat Wheat but even the stout was good and I’m not a stout girl.
Anytime there is a paper tablecloth and crayons this is what I write.
We stayed with my sister and brother in law and I awoke to the squeals of my niece, Tava. She’s amazing. Don’t worry, there are plenty of photos of her coming. The boys had planned on golfing but after I read them my Dirty Thirty list (that’s what I’m calling it now), my brother in law decided we should all go out to the driving range. So we did:
Tavasitting 001

Hi pretty girl!

Tavasitting 002

Oh, we bought a new camera so I was trying it out. She was more into walking than playing golf. Me too, Tava, me too.

Tavasitting 003

Just so you know someone was actually swinging, here’s Ball Boy warming up.

Tavasitting 004

And my sister teaching Tava what to do.

Tavasitting 005

Tavasitting 006

She didn’t get it. The boys were wearing matching outfits, basically.

Tavasitting 007

I think she learned this from Easter!

Tavasitting 008

And just so you know I did hit two balls:

Tavasitting 009

Well, let’s be honest, I swung and totally missed twice, then I hit two balls. And I will say again, per Jessica Simpson, boobs DO get in the way of golfing.

We went back home for a snack. Someone likes to feed herself so she got semi nude to eat her yogurt.

Tavasitting 010

Tava likes boys. Last weekend at my parents house she kept climbing into my brother’s lap. This time it was Ball Boy.

Tavasitting 011
Tavasitting 012
Doesn’t this totally make you want him to be a father?! Yeah, not me.

How about this one?

Tavasitting 013

After she got dressed she wanted to read the book again. Ball Boy was happy to help.

Tavasitting 014

Then she tried on his hat:

Tavasitting 015

Tavasitting 016

Seriously, I LOVE HER! And I LOVE her sitting in his lap. I mean, I’d rather she sit in my lap but what are ya gonna do?

We stopped by Varney’s to buy more KSU gear cause ya know, my wardrobe is lacking in that department. Then we met my folks for lunch in Aggieville, then we headed out to the Baseball Stadium.

Tavasitting 017

And I played with my new camera.

Tavasitting 018

There were very few people there and the Cats were looking to sweep Nebraska Omaha. Before the game even started the opposing coach was SCREAMING at the umps. My dad (a former baseball player, coach, and umpire) determined he must have still been mad about something from the game the night before.

The Wildcats are having a rough season but it’s a rebuilding year. They made the post season 3 straight years, 2009, 2010, and 2011.

On Sunday’s the Wildcats wear camo. Ball Boy calls it digital camo. I guess that’s different than regular camo?

Tavasitting 019

I saw someone I know and realized this is my chance to complete the trifecta:

Tavasitting 020

Boom! I now have pictures with Basketball Willie, Football Willie and Baseball Willie. Jackpot! Oh, and I’m wearing my Cotton Bowl Bag so people would know I was one of those big time fans who travels to bowl games and stuff. What?

The game went our way, we won 10-2. We actually left a little early because it started to really rain. One last series of the year, against that other school in the State next weekend. Go STATE!

Ball Boy was determined to get a baseball. He asked me if I’d try flirting with some of the college boys to see what I could come up with. I’m gonna need a much lower cut shirt and maybe a couple beers before I’m at my finest in that department. He walked around for awhile and chatted up one of the security guys. He told him that there is a kid who comes to every game and snags foul balls. He’s been doing it since he was 5. At some point Ball Boy kinda gave up. And then his security guard friend brought a ball over for him. Pays to be nice! And I forgot to take a photo of it!

If you are like me and kinda feel a void about what head coach to crush on now that FM is gone, might I suggest Brad Hill?

Tavasitting 022
Obv that is not a good photo, but click here if you wanna see more. I mean Bill Snyder is a pimp (and if you aren’t following Pimp Bill Snyder on Twitter please do yourself a favor) and I consider new Bball coach Bruce Weber attractive, but I think Brad’s the cutest.
It was a great weekend, I got to cross two (well one and a half) things off myDirty Thirty list and I got to hug on that cute Baby! I desperately miss that town.

Three Zero

Want an update on the 30 before 30?

I felt like I was getting a jump start on this thing and was gonna have it all wrapped up long before the dreaded due date but now that I review I see that there are a lot of things on that list. Hmm. Also a lot of things that require multiple actions. What was I thinking?

#14, I read a book that everyone says is amazing. Krista, you hit the nail on the head, 50 Shades of Grey was my choice. The reason I put this on the list is because I’ve always kind of turned my nose up at what everyone else is doing. Uh Twitter? Stupid. I was wrong. Pinterest? Equally stupid. Still feel right on that one. TV shows/Movies the whole world watches? Glee? Lost? The Office? American Idol? Lord of the Rings? Nah, I’m good, I’ll watch some totally awesome but obscure shows that get cancelled first season. Dangit!
And books, this might be the one I resist the most. Harry Potter? What am I 12? Twilight? Get effing serious. Hunger Games? I don’t get it. I thought, at least 50 Shades is supposed to porntastic. I can get behind that. Pun intended. Virginia Slim, my coworker who helped me create the list, read it for a book club and loaned me her copy warning me that I’d be enthralled with the story immediately.

I was not. If you haven’t read it I’ll try not to give too much away in case you were wanting to read it. If you HAVE read it I want your honest thoughts in comments. I spent the entire first half of the book arguing with myself and the author. Out loud. I could NOT relate to the main character at all. In fact I felt like everything she did was the opposite of what I would expect from her character faced with those situations. Christian? He’s pretty hot but totally unbelievable as well. No one is that rich that young except maybe Mark Zuckerberg and well, he’s not exactly all grey-eyes-smoldering-hot. I’m just saying. I was pretty sure I already figured out how the book was going to end after the first 5 or so chapters and I wanted to put it down. I couldn’t figure out if it was my stubbornness not wanting to like it or if I really didn’t like it. About halfway in I realized I wanted to know what was going to happen to them even if I might slit my wrists the next time I had to read, “My inner goddess”.

The sex? It was pretty hot I guess. Not nearly as BDSM as I was anticipating, it was clear that the author didn’t do a whole lot of BDSM research but then again I did have to google a couple words so she must have done a little.

After all that criticism I should add that I finished the book in a weekend, stayed up late to finish it and already bought the second one – I’m sure I’ll buy the third. Well done, author, you’ve got my money.

I’m slowly working my way through #6. Mego and I went to RA last night in the Park Place. Every time I go to Park Place it seems another restaurant has shut down. That doesn’t bode well for them. I ate fish. I thought the sushi was great and it was at happy hour pricing so cheap, Megan might not agree.

So there we are, 3 down, 2 in progress, 27 items and 9 months to go.