KC Sports Weekend

Wizard and I had a fun filled KC Sports Weekend. Several years ago I had the chance to get tickets to the first soccer game at Livestrong Sporting Park; because I’m not a soccer fan and didn’t believe Wizard to be a soccer fan, I gave them to a friend who IS A SOCCER FAN! It’s been about 2 years. I’m still hearing about it. When another chance came last week to buy tickets to a game I made sure to get them. Wizard was very excited and I was intrigued.

I’ve heard from pretty much anyone and everyone how much fun Sporting KC games are and how amazing the stadium is. I’ve never watched a soccer game but being a sports fan I figured I must be missing out on something here with the way everyone else talks about it.

We headed up to the stadium in the evening and I did say that this was the least congested I’d ever seen traffic for a major sporting event. We walked in and I was immediately confused. I felt like there was nothing and no one who could tell me where to find my seat. Our tickets were for the Cauldron area and while I could see it, we couldn’t figure out how to get there. We walked to the bottom of the stadium only to be told we had to go back up, take an elevator down, and then walk up a different set of stairs. Uh…alright. I’m sure if you know where you are going it isn’t a big deal but I was annoyed. We finally made our way to the Cauldron and my coworker had told me it was all GA but I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention. There was nowhere to sit. Actually there were plenty of places but everyone was “saving” spaces for friends. That’s not how GA works asshole, if your friends aren’t here, that seat is open.

We finally found a spot on the end and settled in. Here’s about where I tell you that Sporting has the best record in MLS and was playing one of the best teams in MLS, Real Salt Lake. If they won this game on Saturday they would be 6-0 which has never been done in MLS…or so I’m told. I have no idea if that’s true but that info came from a season ticket holder and avid soccer fan.

I’ve heard a lot about this cauldron area, mostly from my BIL, Wizard’s Brother, and Drinking Buddy. They chant almost nonstop, they have drums, etc. It took me awhile to catch onto the chants. One of them I thought they kept saying, “KC West, KC West, KC Weeeeeest” and I was supa confused. Finally Wizard clued me in that they were saying, “KC Wiz, KC Wiz, KC Wiiiiiz”; an old chant from the days the team was known as the Wizards. Uh…really? Stickin’ with that chant even though that’s not your mascot anymore? Do they even really consider it a mascot in soccer? It was not the only chant that referenced this previous name.

I realized I don’t really know much about soccer. The fans in front of and behind me kept getting mad/excited about things while I stared, confused. Any time the ball got anywhere remotely close to the other team’s goal the fans acted as if Sporting was on the verge of scoring. I felt like I was missing something. I was…a sport in which scoring actually happens more than once in 90 minutes. It didn’t take long to realize I hadn’t ever gotten into soccer because it’s boring. Yeah, I said it. And it’s true. I also realized the reason they chant nonstop during the game is because there isn’t anything exciting to cheer about like there is at a basketball game or football game. Or even baseball! Wizard kept looking at me and saying, “You really aren’t enjoying this are you?” while I asked questions along the way like, “They don’t stop playing if someone is hurt?” and “Why is everyone mad, that guy totally just fell down on his own!?”

I tried really hard. I’m serious. I tried really hard to get into the game, follow the chants, and have a good time. It was a beautiful night, kinda windy but still great. Yes, we bought shirts prior to the game. We wanted to fit in. At least mine is super soft.

After the first half I decided the only way to go was this with beer. It made everything better.

Oh, one funny story, at one point there was a corner kick by the other team and the player walked very slowly to the corner to kick the ball. The crowd went nuts. They were heckling the CRAP out of him and I laughed saying, “Kind of ironic that fat people eating pork sandwiches and drinking beer are giving this guy that much crap for not hustling.”After that the game was a lot of fun. OK, after that the game was fun. Sporting ended up winning, 1-0 or one – nil, as Wizard informs me it’s called. The goal was…alright. The one thing I still haven’t figured out is the scarves. Why does everyone wear scarves to a soccer game? Is it played during the winter in Europe?

Wizard had so much fun he wondered aloud how much season tickets cost. Luckily for me his high wore off somewhere the next day and he decided against getting season tickets.

The following day we headed out to The K. Ahh, baseball, AMERICA’s favorite past-time. The Royals have been off to a slow start to say the least and Sunday was no different. Actually, they started off really well and were up 3-0 at one point. When we left in the 9th the score was 13-5. Still had way more fun at the Royals game. No question, hands down, way better. And that stadium? Wooboy it’s nice these days. They’ve really stepped it up a notch with the different bars, shops, etc. Kinda perfect for an all star game or something.

We walked through the hall of fame this time which we hadn’t done since it was renovated. Pretty cool, especially liked the big 5 made out of baseballs with George Brett’s pine tar bat. We went to the game with Chris’ sister and her bf.

Just when we were really behind and I kinda started to get bored, the hot dog race began. And it was little kids. And relish won! Jackpot. As if it couldn’t get better, because it was little kids they called it “Teeny Weenies”! Yes!

I wore my ksu hat to the Royals and a KSU sweatshirt to Sporting and BOTH times got compliments by other Wildcats. Go State!


There’s nothing funny about _____

So you all liked my 30 things to do before turning 30, huh? I’ve received the BEST responses to this and it’s made me super excited to get started.

Speaking of, you can go ahead and cross off #5 now. Cute Boy, Drinking Buddy, BIL and I watched the one and only Daniel Tosh last night at the Music Hall. I should have put “visit the KC Music Hall” on my list because I thought it was a very pretty venue. Old: yes, but still pretty. We had the BEST time and Daniel did not disappoint. I’ve seen probably all of his standup (6 or 7 times each) and I felt like the whole night was new material. New, hilarious, totally inappropriate, laugh with your hand over your mouth material. It was awesome.

I tweeted the following to Daniel before the show:

Waiting in line for @danieltosh in KC. #theregoesdanielhesgotafatfatdick

If you don’t get that hashtag you haven’t seen his standup. Enough. I was kinda thinking it was just cool enough for him to retweet and I could mark that one off the list too but then he told us he averages 12,000 death threats a day. Via twitter. I doubt he caught my tweet. I’m just saying.

Cute Boy said he could hear me laughing above everyone and we were 3 seats apart. I enjoy life. Loudly. We had a super fun night over all and I’m already loving this project. So what’s next?