Google, you suck

Blog readers unite. Google is getting rid of Reader. If you are a Reader user you already know that. And you’re frantically trying to find a solution. Well, don’t worry, your favorite Trophy Wife is here to help.

First of all, Google says they are getting rid of Reader because no one is reading blogs anymore. Tell that to the 50,000 people who have already signed a petition trying to keep Reader. Google doesn’t care, BTW. And that’s fine. They can be wrong.

Honestly, I thought my internet savvy friend, Megarunr would be my savior in this. The shut down is still several months away so I figured I’d let her work it out for me and I’d just tag along to whatever she thought the best alternative was. She seems pretty teed off about the whole thing. Just see what she said on Twitter. And I randomly linked from one article about it to the next until I came to one that mentioned The Old Reader.

It seemed like a good alternative and they said I could upload my blogs straight from Reader so I thought I was all set. I was a little concerned that it was a much smaller site and I worried about the influx of people like me bombarding them with new users. But you all are my friends so I would never hold out on you. That’s not true. But in this case I would not hold out on you. Chance to meet B. Spears? I’m holding out on you. Best shoe sale ever? I’ll tell you about it after I bought what I needed. But this reader? I’ll help you out. But warn you.

When I went to import my subscriptions I was proud of myself when I figured it out. Then I received this message:

“Thank you for uploading your OPML file. We will soon start importing your subscriptions, which might take up to several hours depending on the amount of feeds you have.

There are 43512 users in the import queue ahead of you.”
Well, fuck. Forty Three Thousand, huh?
I went ahead and uploaded my subscriptions manually instead. That turned out to be a good thing because I discovered one blog that no longer exists. And I dropped a few others that I no longer need in my life or that don’t post EVER.
So far things are OK. I love the look and layout, super simple. Sometimes it uploads old posts that were written years ago. I assume that will work itself out. If not, I’ll blame Google, OF COURSE!

Is this real life?

My Favorite Wildcat and I hit up the Big 12 Championship game last weekend.

And that’s all I have to say.

Actually I have a lot more to say but you’ll have to ask me about it in person.


How about some pictures?


Willie prior to tip off


Starting line ups


Bruce on the right; Tay and Rod jumping during introductions




Yep, yeah, these seats will do





No need for security to be eyeing me. Now with last year’s coach? Yes, keep track of me then.




That’s a secret handshake, you wouldn’t understand (no, it’s not)




Gip…come on man!


I’m sure that’s a foul


JO stayin’ loose on the bike


Tay at the end of his last Big 12 game as a Wildcat; Those arms…


Rodney McGruder, you will be missed

Can I count this on my Dirty Thirty list even though it was 3 weeks after the birthday?

As we walked back to the car I saw Coach Snyder. I asked My Favorite Wildcat if we could say hello. I walked right up, took his hand and said, “I’m sorry to interrupt you Coach, I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for Kansas State”. He smiled at me and said, “Thank you”. I’ll take that ending.


It’s my favorite week of the year. I know it’s not quite March Madness but this is as close as it gets for me. Thanks to an amazing turn of events the Big 12 Conference is stronger than ever and the Men’s Basketball Tournament will be in Kansas City for years to come. Remember when we were almost relegated to the Mountain West Conference? Ugh. But still one of my favorite posts of all time.

How about those Wildcats? What’s that? You expected me to wax over OUR SECOND BIG 12 CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE YEAR? Get serious.

So…now we can move on? I think that speaks for itself.

I guess. But if you are a Wildcat and don’t know about this section of, well, check it out and change your life!

So, back to the Big 12, I’m working my tail off and winking at ball players much too young for me so I’ll catch ya next week. Enjoy my favorite week of the year, it’ll be over before we know it.

Being 30 sucks. End of story.


I really did kind of get over the 30 thing about a week before the big birthday hit. I was super excited about my parties and even happy I was still on Facebook. Then the birthday hit. Then the SECOND FUCKING SNOW STORM IN TWO WEEKS THAT CRIPPLES THIS CRAPPY CITY I LIVE IN HIT. I think that sentence about sums up how I feel about snow. Then I got a cold that I’M STILL NOT OVER.

Now it’s March. Things should be moving on. I’m 30, let’s move on, back to normal life. I’m trying. I’ve been doing training for work all week out at the airport. I guess the bright side is I’m not at work. The dark side is everything else: driving to the airport, sitting in a chair staring a computer learning at a pace much slower than I need (but much faster than other participants need), going to work after a full day of training because I do still have a job. Can I stop with this list now? Yeah, we’re both annoyed. Tuesday night I arrive home around 8pm wondering where dinner would come from so I stopped at my favorite restaurant. I’m reticent to mention it now because of where this story is heading but…you already know what it is. Because I was feeling sorry for myself I got the pork. Those tacos were delicious if not a little salty. After I took the last bite I said,

“Man, I hope I don’t regret that.”

I have done this about every 5 or 6 months for a couple years, however, it has probably been a year since I ate meat like that. I get a little sick to my stomach but it’s nothing a little pink liquid can’t fix. I went to bed and thought no more of it.

Until 1am. When I woke up in agonizing pain. Meat, bad. Got it. I took some pepto and somehow fell back asleep. Until 3:30am when Cute Boy rolled over to cuddle and I catapulted off the bed towards the toilet. I haven’t thrown up in a long time. It wasn’t pretty. And it didn’t look like I had digested ANY of that dinner. I instantly felt better. Meat, bad. Got it. Won’t do it again. I fell back asleep, waking every hour until I had to get up for the day. I thought for sure the worst was over and I’d be fine. As the training day dragged on I realized that there might more to this than just meat, bad. I felt awful.

I think I got food poisoning from my favorite restaurant. I don’t want to believe that but I’m pretty sure the doctor at the urgent care place (who was terrible) pretty much confirmed that was the case. For the record, FBIs are hard to confirm and it really could just be that my body doesn’t want to process that meat anymore. I got some medicine. Cried a lot little . And slept for 10 hours until I had to get back up for more training.

So what have we learned?

Meat: bad? Maybe.

Snow: really bad? Of course.

Working for a living: overrated? Definitely.

Being 30? Apparently your body falls apart! Being 30 sucks. End of story.

So I’m 30

And it’s awful!

Actually, I had such a great start to the birthday that I really felt maybe I was just overreacting and that 30 was gonna be awesome. I felt very loved after two great parties. I’m starting to get over this cold and ready to for my do over birthday.

I did wear my new shoes and they survived the wet ground without me making Cute Boy carry me as I had suggested. Last Saturday we met up with my two favorite FACS teachers and their husbands for dinner. We ate at Yaya’s in Leawood, which I love and had a long, hilarious dinner. We discussed everything from Will Spradling to how everyone decided on what college to go to. We also planned future game nights that you definitely want to be a part of.

The food was great, the wine was plentiful but the company was even better. I only took a couple photos. One of my dessert, a trio of creme brulee:

bday dessert

Couldn’t wait to take that first bite

and the girls:

Can you say photo bomb?

Can you say photo bomb?

Please note my kick ass spray tan and pink hair. Those two blondes are so pretty.

It was the absolute best night a girl could ask for. I’m excited to spend the next 30 years with the amazing friends and family that I have in my life. And we’ll definitely be doing this again.

Cheers to you all!