Bah Humbug

Just me or this year Christmas didn’t really feel like Christmas?

Due to the new job I had exactly one day off of work (Christmas Day) which is in stark contrast to my usual 2 weeks. It meant that I didn’t get nearly as much time with Cute Boy and it meant I missed 2 family Christmas’ as well. Boo.

My mom wanted to get together on the 22nd but I told her I had plans. The Wildcats were in town! Cute Boy and I had a great time at the KSU/Florida Men’s Basketball Game at the Sprint Center in downtown KC. We saw Dean Bosco, KSU Superfan Robert Lipson, and Mr. K-State Ernie Barrett. KSU TRIFECTA!

I only took two photos. One of the court prior to the game:


And one of the scoreboard after:


Suck it Gators

Yep, totally just beat the bag outta #8 ranked Florida. Brucey might not be as entertaining as that last guy but this is the first time we’ve beaten a non Big 12, ranked opponent since the ’60s so I’m in. I told you guys to give him a chance! The refs at the game were awful. Terrible. Horrible. At one point Cute Boy said, “We’re not in our living room, you can’t say that”. I don’t remember what I said. I’m sure it was awesome. Also, per ushe, we were seated right next to a Florida fan. It’s not even funny anymore.

We did get together with the fam on the 23rd. I got these amazing rings from my mom and dad.


I also got to hang out with this gorgeous baby:


Still a baby to me even though she’s almost 2

Somehow I always only take photos of her. Oops.





Looks like I did take one other photo with the first niece who ever came into my life



I bought her a red tutu and she wanted to put it on NOW


Love you mom!


I worked on the 24th. I was very productive. I promise. I tried to go to mass. I arrived 30 minutes early. After I parked a block and a half away and walked in from the cold, I discovered that there wasn’t even space to stand, let alone sit, in the lobby of the church. I wasn’t gonna stand for 2 hours and not be able to sing along to the Christmas music. I turned around and walked back to the car, freezing again. Bad Catholic. I later heard there were 1800 people at that mass in a church that seats 1000 people.

We spent the evening with Cute Boys family playing bunco. Really.

Then Cute Boy and I opened gifts. Around our Christmas Tree. That’s right, I gave in and we put up the Christmas tree.


I’m a pushover. And he spoils me. I’d link to my blog post from last year with ALL. THE. GIFTS! But ya know, I deleted all those photos from my old blog. Oops.


Wine and vodka…,my true loves


Fancy espresso machine and milk frother


Sephora gift card.                                                                      I also received an unphotographed gift card to Lululemon


I can always use more purple in my life



So he actually bought me 3 espresso machines. He wasn’t sure which color I’d like so he bought all three and let me choose. Yes, really. I chose the one on the right.

I felt like I did SO good with Cute Boy’s gifts this year. He’s impossible to shop for. Here’s what I got him:


I shipped this and 2 mini bottles of bourbon from Kentucky. This tastes like a root beer float and we’ve had more than our share of boozy root beer floats this week


This lets you try several different colognes and then trade in a certificate for a full bottle of the one you like


Season 5


I bought this for our trip to Miami. Womp womp. Then he kept looking at it online until he decided he wanted to buy it and I had to tell him I already had.

We had a lovely brunch at Drinking Buddy and BIL’s house on Christmas Day and then we spent the next 11 hours with them drinking, eating, and playing Wii U.

Then I went back to work.

Womp. Womp.

It was a wonderful holiday. I’m truly blessed and grateful. <Insert every other thing I’m supposed to say> It just didn’t feel like Christmas usually does.


Technical difficulties?

I’ve been updating some of my older posts from my previous blog by re-adding the photos that were deleted and transferring the posts here. I had planned on completing all of that prior to going live but then I got lazy (imagine that) so forgive me if you receive blogs in your reader from months or even years ago that you’ve already read and don’t care to read again.

I’m also working on a recap of Christmas. In true Trophy Wife style I was spoiled by my Sugar Daddy. I got THREE espresso machines for crying out loud! Story coming. Here’s what else is going on in my life:

  • Work. I’ve been working every day. Yep, no time off for this guy except for the 25th. And I’ll be working on the 1st as well. It’s a glamorous life I lead.
  • #Fiesta13 – I may be the only one using that hashtag on Twitter but Imma continue to work it ’til it’s trending. Someone had it on a poster at the last game, against TX, so I just assumed they knew what they were talking about. I’m supa sad face about all the players and media tweeting about being in Arizona. I should be there. I feel left out.
  • I’ve got lots of fun things coming up like new recipes (don’t worry, it won’t be like that), party planning, and other great things I haven’t even thought of yet. Thanks for making the move over here with me, let’s have some fun!

I love to tell stories

Someday I’ll tell this great story about the time I deleted all 2000andsomething photos from my blog without meaning to. I’ll make it dramatic, as I usually do, and everyone will get a good laugh. Until then, I’m just starting over. Or rather, I should say, moving on.

A new blog. A new start. The timing feels perfect. I’ve been thinking about either finding a true purpose and real voice on my blog or quitting altogether. I’ve got some specific goals I’d like to work on that you might enjoy following along with. And it feels like a new chapter in my life because of that looming birthday.

You’ll see I’ve reposted some of my favorite or relevant blog posts from the old blog, I just couldn’t completely start over from scratch.

So here’s to the next 30 years and all the stories I’ve yet to tell.

Big XII Champs!

Prior to KSU’s only loss this football season I saw that tickets for the last game of the season, against Texas, were selling for hundreds of dollars on StubHub. We considered selling ours but chose to enjoy the ride instead. I’ll let you guess which one of us wanted to sell and which one of us decided against it. After the devastating loss the game against Texas became even more important. Win it and we win the Big 12 and a trip to a BCS bowl game. Lose and well…lose it all.

The day started not in our favor as Oklahoma won and somehow clinched a “share” of the Big 12 title even if we were to win that night. There has to be tie breaker. Wanna make it non conference record? Ok. We win. Don’t like that? How about head to head game outcome? Yeah, we won that too. Suck it Oklahoma, you get a share of nothing. Except a lifetime supply of visors.

The game was set again, for 7pm. When we arrived in Manhattan we went to visit my second favorite Wildcat. She is adorable! And when her dad asked her who I was she said, “Chris!” Ah, close enough, kid!

Her shirt says, “Don’t change me ’til the game’s over!” and I apparently gave it to her last Christmas.

We arrived to the game early, it was Senior Night and I wanted to see the boys off. I took this next photo cause I could tell it was someone…just not sure who.

Oh, my least favorite KSU Quarterback ever: Ell Roberson

To prove we were there I asked someone behind us to take a picture of us. It’s terrible.


The Pride

Senior Day Tunnel

Luckily, I brought the fancy new camera which I basically bought for KSU games. So when all I can see is the photo above, I can zoom in and find what I want to see like this:

And this:

Look closely, that’s Bill Snyder talking to The Chris Harper

Captains getting ready for coin toss. Stupid Longhorn Network visible in the background

Senior, Collin “How needs a Heisman, I have Jesus” Klein

Quarterback sneak: Automatic Touchdown every time

The first half sucked. We went out and visited Jamie and Drew’s tailgate at halftime. None of us were ready for another loss. We spent the entire third quarter at the tailgate. we just didn’t want to go back in. Finally, as the 4th quarter started and things got really exciting we headed back in.

Near the end, when it was clear we would win there was a moment I will never forget. Willie headed up to the pressbox, standing on top of it as he used to regularly when I was in school but hasn’t really done since. There was an eery fog moving in but you could clearly see him as he held up a large Big XII sign over his head. The crowd lost their mind. then he started the K-S-U-Wildcats! chant and that was the loudest I’ve ever heard any crowd anywhere. It was amazing.

People started throwing tortillas and tortilla chips in the stands as it became clear we would be attending the Fiesta Bowl in January. I thought it was hilarious that so many people had come up with the same idea.

Then we won.

Midfield Celebration

Purple Fireworks

Those darn college kids stormed the field

In the middle you can see the team holding up their helmets

I never considered running onto the field. Signs you know you’re old

Tre Walker, Collin Klein, Ty Zimmerman, and Mr. Bill Snyder

Bill smiling at his boys

AD John Currie takes the mic

President Kirk Schulz brings in the hardware

Big XII Defensive Player of the Year, Arthur Brown, holds the Big XII trophy high

Bill gave this great speech and I kicked myself for not recording it. He thanked the family and then said, “We’re not sure where we’re going next but we’ve got a good idea. We’ve been there before! Last time about 45,000 Wildcat Fans came out to support us, I’ve got a feeling they’ll be even more this time!”

It made me sad. I wanna go to Arizona!

Who needs a Heisman when you can have a Conference Title?

I was ecstatic, but sad we wouldn’t be going to the bowl game, a decision we’d made earlier in the year. The last time we won a Big 12 title I was in school. This time I was there. Pretty Bad Ass.

The next morning my second favorite Wildcat came in to wake up my first favorite Wildcat.


She’s become obsessed with the Cats. Each morning she tells her mom or dad that she wants to wear “Willie Wildcat” which means something with a powercat on it. Whenever she sees a powercat she points at it and says, “Willie Wildcat!” She’s my favorite.