I love to tell stories

Someday I’ll tell this great story about the time I deleted all 2000andsomething photos from my blog without meaning to. I’ll make it dramatic, as I usually do, and everyone will get a good laugh. Until then, I’m just starting over. Or rather, I should say, moving on.

A new blog. A new start. The timing feels perfect. I’ve been thinking about either finding a true purpose and real voice on my blog or quitting altogether. I’ve got some specific goals I’d like to work on that you might enjoy following along with. And it feels like a new chapter in my life because of that looming birthday.

You’ll see I’ve reposted some of my favorite or relevant blog posts from the old blog, I just couldn’t completely start over from scratch.

So here’s to the next 30 years and all the stories I’ve yet to tell.

One thought on “I love to tell stories

  1. Well you’ll definitely have to let me know if WordPress causes as much stress as stupid Blogger! My reader has been updated and I’m ready for more “fake” Trophy Wife! 🙂


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