Bah Humbug

Just me or this year Christmas didn’t really feel like Christmas?

Due to the new job I had exactly one day off of work (Christmas Day) which is in stark contrast to my usual 2 weeks. It meant that I didn’t get nearly as much time with Cute Boy and it meant I missed 2 family Christmas’ as well. Boo.

My mom wanted to get together on the 22nd but I told her I had plans. The Wildcats were in town! Cute Boy and I had a great time at the KSU/Florida Men’s Basketball Game at the Sprint Center in downtown KC. We saw Dean Bosco, KSU Superfan Robert Lipson, and Mr. K-State Ernie Barrett. KSU TRIFECTA!

I only took two photos. One of the court prior to the game:


And one of the scoreboard after:


Suck it Gators

Yep, totally just beat the bag outta #8 ranked Florida. Brucey might not be as entertaining as that last guy but this is the first time we’ve beaten a non Big 12, ranked opponent since the ’60s so I’m in. I told you guys to give him a chance! The refs at the game were awful. Terrible. Horrible. At one point Cute Boy said, “We’re not in our living room, you can’t say that”. I don’t remember what I said. I’m sure it was awesome. Also, per ushe, we were seated right next to a Florida fan. It’s not even funny anymore.

We did get together with the fam on the 23rd. I got these amazing rings from my mom and dad.


I also got to hang out with this gorgeous baby:


Still a baby to me even though she’s almost 2

Somehow I always only take photos of her. Oops.





Looks like I did take one other photo with the first niece who ever came into my life



I bought her a red tutu and she wanted to put it on NOW


Love you mom!


I worked on the 24th. I was very productive. I promise. I tried to go to mass. I arrived 30 minutes early. After I parked a block and a half away and walked in from the cold, I discovered that there wasn’t even space to stand, let alone sit, in the lobby of the church. I wasn’t gonna stand for 2 hours and not be able to sing along to the Christmas music. I turned around and walked back to the car, freezing again. Bad Catholic. I later heard there were 1800 people at that mass in a church that seats 1000 people.

We spent the evening with Cute Boys family playing bunco. Really.

Then Cute Boy and I opened gifts. Around our Christmas Tree. That’s right, I gave in and we put up the Christmas tree.


I’m a pushover. And he spoils me. I’d link to my blog post from last year with ALL. THE. GIFTS! But ya know, I deleted all those photos from my old blog. Oops.


Wine and vodka…,my true loves


Fancy espresso machine and milk frother


Sephora gift card.                                                                      I also received an unphotographed gift card to Lululemon


I can always use more purple in my life



So he actually bought me 3 espresso machines. He wasn’t sure which color I’d like so he bought all three and let me choose. Yes, really. I chose the one on the right.

I felt like I did SO good with Cute Boy’s gifts this year. He’s impossible to shop for. Here’s what I got him:


I shipped this and 2 mini bottles of bourbon from Kentucky. This tastes like a root beer float and we’ve had more than our share of boozy root beer floats this week


This lets you try several different colognes and then trade in a certificate for a full bottle of the one you like


Season 5


I bought this for our trip to Miami. Womp womp. Then he kept looking at it online until he decided he wanted to buy it and I had to tell him I already had.

We had a lovely brunch at Drinking Buddy and BIL’s house on Christmas Day and then we spent the next 11 hours with them drinking, eating, and playing Wii U.

Then I went back to work.

Womp. Womp.

It was a wonderful holiday. I’m truly blessed and grateful. <Insert every other thing I’m supposed to say> It just didn’t feel like Christmas usually does.


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