What is going on?

Not sure if you’re up on this news, Wildcats, but there is a lot going on in the football offseason. Alot. I know we are all focused on this great basketball season that we are having, and we should be, after all, the Cats are #18ish (why are there so many polls out there? Can’t we just have one so I know what we are ranked?) and kickin’ ass. HUGE win on Saturday. Tell me you saw that block by Southwell a couple games ago? I lost my mind watching it. My reaction was something like this:

Big game coming up.

But, what you might have missed in all this Bball excitement is that something is going on in football. Something troubling. Something no one can really explain. First it was Joe Bob. Yes, his name is Joe Bob Clements and he’s been on KSU’s defensive coaching staff for 11 seasons. He played for KSU in ’99. He’s considered one of our best recruiters. Or was. He left. He took a job in Stillwater (gross) with OSU. He’ll be their Defensive Coordinator next season. There are rumors about why he left; money is one of the more popular ideas. The official reason I keep hearing has something to do with his family. WHAT ABOUT YOUR EMAW FAMILY?

This was a big blow last weekend when it happened. Then a few days ago it was announced that Michael Smith was also leaving. He has been the wide receivers coach the last 4 years. He’s class of ’95. He’s considered to be an even better recruiter than Joe Bob. I think he’s going to Arkansas. That’s not important.

What is important is that two former players, two Bill Snyder guys, two great recruiters on the defensive side of the ball have left just days before the signing deadline. What is going on? There are rumors about Snyder. It’s no secret he thinks his son should take over when he does leave. But when is that? Am I to believe it might be soon and that’s why people are jumping ship? I don’t believe that. What I mean is, I believe when the 2013 season begins next fall that Bill Snyder will be standing on the sidelines wearing his 2013 Fiesta Bowl jacket (or he might stick with the 2012 Cottonbowl one). Or is all of this unrelated? Did success create opportunities for these men to advance their career and that is why they are leaving? I don’t know. But I do know that I’m nervous.


Top Ten Tuesday

I’ve been blogging a lot. Alot. I want that noted. And I’m going to copy Jamie for as long as it seems fun so let’s start with today’s Top Ten. These are questions her 6th graders asked of her. I don’t have 6th graders (thank God) so I’ll use her questions.

1.  What is your favorite color?

2.  What is your favorite movie?
This really stumped me. I don’t have a go-to answer anymore. A Few Good Men? It’s a movie I could watch every single time it comes on TV, does that count? What about Elf? I LOVE that movie.

3.  What is your favorite food?
Carbs. Can you tell I’m not eating many of them? Queso dip and chips is the real answer.

4.  How did you learn to cook?
A culmination of things: watching my mom cook growing up, watching more Food Network than anyone should, FACS class in high school, and definitely cooking classes in college, followed by cooking in my own apartment kitchen from age 20 until now.

5.  How did you learn to sew?
FACS classes in high school. LOVE LOVE LOVED my FACS classes although they sound super lame compared to what Jamie and Jana do.

6.  What do you order at Starbucks?
Tall soy Caramel Machiatto. But now I make my own latte every day. Less calories, less sugar, so much fun though. Love my Nespresso.

7.  How old are you?
Or, mind your own damn business.

8.  Why don’t you like KU?
Loved Jamie’s answer. Mine is: I can’t. It is not possible to be a KSU alumn and like KU. If you can’t understand that answer you don’t understand EMAW and I can’t explain it to you, you have to live it. I’m talking to you, “emaw is stupid”. Apparently so is using capitalization. But going back to Jamie’s question, why do you like them?

9.  Are you strict?
Ha. What are we talking about? Yes, ok, the answer is yes. Life is very black and white to me. If it’s not to you, you’re going to make me uncomfortable. I’m going to wish I could be more like you but you’re going to make me uncomfortable.

10.  Have you ever been broken up with or broken up with someone?
Yes. I’m always the dumpee. Even when I think it probably should be over. Even when I’m not happy. Even when a week prior I say something like, “I think we should break up” to a friend. I will never be the one to end it. What does that tell you about me?

Leave some ideas for Top Ten Tuesday in the comments. Do it!

Kentucky Root Beer Floats

I saw this post a long time ago and when I saw the photo of Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream I was immediately intrigued. Bourbon Lover and I had attended his BFFs wedding at the Buffalo Trace Distillery a couple falls ago. It was so much fun:

I knew I couldn’t find this beautiful concoction in KS but you know how after you get an idea in your head you just have to make it happen?


Is that just me? OK, is that just me when it comes to food? Yeah, anyway, I spent a good deal of money having this beauty shipped from KY. Shortly after Bourbon Lover opened it on Christmas eve, we made boozy root beer floats.




DSC00745Root beer



They were better than I imagined. There was no root beer but it did kind of taste like root beer.

We had many.


So I guess it’s time to return to KY. Perhaps take in a horse race? And buy lots of Bourbon Cream.

It’s hot in this kitchen!

As I said, I’ve been doing a lot of cooking in 2013. It’s going…well…OK. One of the items on my Dirty Thirty list is to master risotto. I’ve been cooking risotto for years (I used to use Chicken stock) and we kept eating it and it was always just…OK. Here’s the thing, risotto is easy to make but it’s hard to make right. I order it out all the time and rarely do places get it right. In fact, it’s kind of a running joke with some former coworkers of mine because it’s almost as if I’m cursed to always get undercooked risotto. A few months ago I thought I finally figured it out and after Jamie commented on my tweet about it I knew I needed to make it for her and Jana to ensure I could check it off my list.


You see, the thing I’d been neglecting was the stirring. You have to stir it. Almost nonstop. So I did:


Or Jamie did:


Sometimes I stirred seductively, per Jamie’s suggestion:


What’s that? You’d like a close up of those HOT new booties I just bought? Jamie is happy to make that happen for you:


The wine was good (this is my new fav Malbec).
DSC00771The company was even better.


And the risotto? Check this one off the list.


I’ve been doing a little cooking lately. Some things have been boring (a lot of salads and stir frys) but some of them have been kind of fun. Let’s have a look, shall we?

The following is about #fiesta13. I failed to take any photos of people at the actual Fiesta. Oops. What you should know is that that I had a lot of fun, not counting anything related to the actual game and even though there was a kitchen disaster prior to anyone showing up I have been cleared to continue to have Bowl Parties! Yay! Also, I cleaned all day long (lame) and finally got a frame for this:


You prob don’t have one of these. They were only available at the pep rally in Dallas. I have no idea if that’s true but that is where I got this one.

While cleaning I found some KSU balloons. When else are you going to use balloons? So I went and got them filled. Cute Boy asked if I was planning a 5 year olds birthday party.


Party’s here!

Alright, yeah, he’s kinda right. Whatevs!

I also made a pretty some pretty good food:


The above picture shows chips in the back with gauc, 2 kinds of salsa near that, hard shell tacos (my drink), and tortillas for soft tacos. In the front is bread with this amazing Fromage Fort (cheese dip). It was awesome. I also made this and this cheese dip. Lots of cheese. Try that last link next time you want to make cheese dip instead of that velveeta thing. That’s not cheese. I sauteed an onion and then just dropped that, the cheeses, cream, and a can of rotele into the crock pot. It was better than that velveeta thing and just as easy.


I bought a rotisserie chicken which meant I had to cut all the meat off the bone. I seriously gagged at one point when the spine of the chicken fell off in my hand. How are you people eating this? I also made beans.


And I made my own sweetened lime juice for margaritas. I threw in some Chamboard so it would be purple. Delicious. Everyone else drank beer (or wine).

I never know how to end these things. The End.

You’re stupid!

I’m still working out the kinks of this new blog thing. I know that sounds insane but things are different here and I’m trying to wade my way through the changes and take this thing where I want to go.

I was looking at my stats on wordpress and saw a couple things. First, a couple people checked out some of the photos I posted of my Christmas gifts. I realize they were pretty dark, sorry about that. More importantly though I saw the “Top Searches” section. This is something I was excited about when moving over to WordPress. I was hoping there would be tons of great and funny things that would bring people to my blog. Right now there is only one:

emaw is stupid

I’m sorry, what? You shoulda seen my face.

You know what?! YOU’RE STUPID!


I had drinks with a good friend, Virginia Slim, on Friday. Drinks and about 100 sushi rolls and I was still hungry when we got to the next stop. How does that work? We had a great time and the only problem is that she’s moving and I’LL NEVER SEE HER AGAIN!! I’m only a little bit dramatic about it. And a lot bit planning my trip to Seattle sometime this spring.

Later that evening I was talking to my BFF, Harvard, about her leaving and what I should have said was this: She pushes me to do more. She helps me think bigger, expect more, and not settle. She’s not much older than I am but I feel like her wisdom outweighs my own by leaps and bounds. As we talked about changes in life and New Year’s Resolutions I couldn’t remember my NYR. It took me another 3 days before I remembered it. Hilarious. I also mentioned some changes to my diet and while I thought her facial expression was one that said, “yeah, that sounds about right”, it really was “WHAT?!”

I thought about simply omitting the following from my blog but I’ve been so vocal in the past about my organic and vegan diet that I felt I should mention this for those that might care. Part of what I want from the new blog is to document reality. And my reality is that I’m overweight and unhappy. The easy route would be to not tell you so you can’t judge me. Or so that if I fail I don’t have to admit it. I’ve done easy for a long time.

I guess some of you may have the same response that Virginia Slim did when I tell you I’m going to be introducing more animal products into my life. Perhaps more isn’t the correct word. I should say I’m going to be introducing better or more healthful animal products into my diet. Truthfully, for the last year or so, 90% of my eating is vegetarian. Only probably 50% is vegan. I’m tired. Of being overweight. And doing it my way for the last 29 years hasn’t worked. So I’m gonna do it Bob’s way. Well kind of. This, right here, is me. I can’t ever just do it his way, I have to try to make it mine.

I bought this book. Most of the rules are pretty common sense. (Drink lots of water) All of them I’ve heard before. (Don’t eat carbs after 2pm) But I’ve never been able to put them all together. I sat down and checked out his plan thinking that Bob was a vegan and that I would be able to follow his plan easily. Turns out I was wrong. He was a vegan for a long time but now reluctantly eats animal protein. And his eating plan includes a LOT of protein. We all know I think you can get plenty of protein from plant foods and I’m going to do my best to get as close to Bob’s number as possible with plant foods.

That being said, I spent hours trying to figure out if I could substitute beans and tofu and veggies for the eggs, chicken, and beef that the first week of his plan outlines and still get to the protein he wants while staying within the overall calories. Then I spent several more hours shopping, prepping, and cooking for just one week of eating. I’m exhausted already.

Things I will be eating that are not vegan: greek yogurt, cheese, fish, and possibly eggs. I was eating cheese and occasionally some fish already. Mostly in the form of salmon Caesar salads and grilled cheese sandwiches. Super healthy.

I’m conflicted. I still believe that eating vegan is the healthiest way to eat. (But the veganish way I was eating is not) I still worry that turning away from that knowledge could cause problems as I get older. I worry about the response I’ll receive from people who were always judgmental about my veganism. I mean I’m admitting I failed. Or at least I’m actively quitting.

I have no doubt that eating this way, animal protein and all, is much healthier than I’ve been eating for the past year or so. Plants will still dominate my plate, just don’t be surprised if I order fish next time we have dinner together. PS – we should totally get together soon for dinner.

Oh, and that New Year’s Resolution? To get up earlier. I’m already regretting it.


2012 Fails

I could kind of call the whole year a fail but I’m not sure why. Let’s just say I’m happy to see 2012 gone but for no particular reason. Here’s a few moments I wish had never happened or I’m still not over:

1. Deleting all the photos from my old blog – I’m not sure if I ever actually told you what happened. Basically I got a new phone, something I’d been waiting for for months. It synced with Google and all of a sudden I had thousands of photos on my phone. I thought it was taking up tons of space on my new phone which was my problem with my old phone. So I started deleting them knowing that they were all photos from my blog. I thought I was deleting them from my phone. NOT FROM MY BLOG! Ugh. 5 years gone. No one to blame but myself. Or Google.

2. Hurricane Sandy – Remember when I got trapped in DC? I mean really I should be calling Frontier Airlines the failure because they cancelled my original flight 5 months earlier that left Sunday morning, then they cancelled my Sunday evening flight who knows when BECAUSE THEY NEVER ALERTED ME! before the storm even arrived. I guess I got an extended vacation. And I know I was much better off than the poor people in other parts of the East coast who lost EVERYTHING. So, suck it Sandy!


3. The Zoo – I love J&J and we had a great time but I should have listened to Drinking Buddy when she told me that we aren’t Zoo People.

4. Food – I’ve been a bad vegan and I’ve got some changes coming in that regard in 2013. But even more than that I feel like 2012 was a food failure. Don’t get me wrong, I ate some great food but it wasn’t very healthy. And I cooked a lot less than I wanted too. The times I did cook were often failures in and of themselves. I spent a whole weekend making lasagna once. It was amazing but I will NEVER DO THAT AGAIN.

5. That Guy – K-State used to have this basketball coach. I kinda sorta LOVED him. And then he broke my heart. I’m still pissed. But I’m moving on. It’s just that sometimes, when I’m lonely, I still think of him and what could have been…

6. Chocolate Ale – Yes, I’m still mad at Boulevard for not brewing enough Chocolate Ale last February. Or the one before. In fact I’m still really pissed about it. Boo to you Boulevard.

2012 Highlights

Hi friends! Have you been reading Jamie’s 2012 recaps? They are awesome, the fails one especially hilarious. Sorry that your failure is funny to us Jamie! I’m copying her idea and hoping I can make mine half as funny.

I reviewed my old blog to see what 2012 held and I have to say, my blog last year was lame. LAME! I guess funny things haven’t been happening to me as much lately. WTF? Here’s the highlights from 2012 in no particular order:

1. The 2012 Cotton Bowl Classic – I just reuploaded the photos from one of those posts and will be working on the rest because this is a trip I want to remember forever. It was an amazing experience to cap off an even more amazing season. EMAW!


2. 2012 BIG XII Champs! – You knew the Cats would make the list more than once, right? After last year’s excitement I never expected an even better showing this football season. I believe I predicted the Cats would go 9 – 3…boy was I wrong! One agonizing loss away from a National Title Game, a 3rd place Heisman Candidate, Bobby Dodd Coach of the year, BCS Bowl game, and a Big 12 title. Amazing. Love my cats. My Favorite Wildcat and I got to attend 2 games this season and while both were a little stressful we came out on top and had a great time at both games. #EMAW4life


3. Twitter – Yes, I’m seriously counting Twitter as one of my highlights from 2012. Perhaps I’m no longer funny on the blog because I’m used to compressing my humor into 140 characters? Remember when I became famous and John Mayer started following me? I was sure that was going to parlay into some kind of fame. Imagine my surprise when it didn’t happen. I’ve also been retweeted by KSU’s President a couple times this year. I feel like the only things I know in life are because I heard about them on Twitter. It such a great medium because unlike most news sources it’s in real time.


4. The Olympics – Cute Boy is probably going to laugh when he reads that but we had so much fun in our house watching the Olympics this year. Contrary to some reports, I do have National Pride and I do not hate the Olympics.


5. 30/30 – My blog was dominated this year by a single theme (besides K-State) and that was my Dirty Thirty list. While I won’t be completing everything on it before my birthday (FAIL!) it meant I pushed myself out of my comfort zone this last year and made time to do some of the things I’d always said I wanted to do.


6. Outings with J&J – No matter how long it’s been since we’ve gotten together or what is going on in our lives, I always have the best time with these women. I’d like to see more of them in 2013.


7. Daniel Tosh – Uh…seriously, I’m counting seeing Daniel Live as one of the highlights of 2012. I can’t tell you how often I quote his standup so getting to see him in real life and hear new material was so much fun. Our “entertainment” outings are usually KSU related so it was fun to do something different and visit the KC Music Hall as well.

I’m still not sure how I feel about 2012 overall but at least we survived the end of the world, right?!

Come back for the parts of 2012 I wish I could forget!