Wildcat Monday

What? I couldn’t wait ’til Wednesday! I promise I’m working on posts about our trip to DC and subsequent screw job by Frontier Airlines who continues to piss me off. Lots of posts, lots of photos, and lots to talk about coming…sometime.

After only a few short days back at home we headed to a place that always feels like home: Manhattan, KS.

The drive up was nice, there were tons of Wildcats on 170 and then we stopped near Topeka for a drink and I saw Tre Walker’s grandparents. Tre is a Jr. Linebacker for the Cats from Olathe. He was a preseason all Big 12 winner and has had a great season so far. He’s the defensive leader and the one you see carrying the Mob Family block when the team enters the stadium. He’s #50 below:

He’s also super cute. You should check out his photo on Twitter. @treday50 Seriously. I tweeted about seeing his gparents and he favorited my tweet. TWITTER RULES! And…he also had a season ending (I think – Bill Snyder isn’t so forthcoming with injury reports as we’ve seen this week) injury last week against Texas Tech.

We stopped by my sister’s house to drop off our stuff before heading to the stadium. I got to see my second favorite Wildcat in her cheerleading uniform.


She’s a little shy, we haven’t seen each other in a while.


But she loves her stuffed Willie doll. And her Aunt Trophy Wife. Well she did after I swung her on her swing and she then associated me with the swing. Better than associating me with the McDonald’s biscuits and gravy I gave her a bite of the next morning. What? When I’m in Manhattan I can revert back to my college days.¬†She LOVES the cats. When my sister asked her which bib she wanted she said, “Wildcat!” Needless to say she’s my favorite. And now the sole benefactor in our will*.

When we arrived at the stadium My Favorite Wildcat said, “Hey, there’s Martavious!”, Senior Guard on KSU’s basketball team. I ran over and asked if he’d take a picture with me. For one very brief second he just stared at me…

…and I thought, “Oh fuck…it’s not him,”. Then he said, “Yeah! Sure!”


He was super nice while I tried to come up with things to say like, “How’s it going?” Seriously. Really. Just when I felt stupid some 40 year old woman started dancing and asked him to dance too. In her defense, barely, he dances in the tunnel before games. In her non-defense, it was awkward. And he thought so too.

We hit up a few friends’ tailgates, including Jamie’s but I didn’t take any photos. Oops. I didn’t take a photo with My Favorite Wildcat either. Oops. I didn’t take any photos of the game. Oops. I also didn’t take any photos of the HILARIOUS guys behind me during the game. They were like my long-lost BFFs. And I promise they loved me too. Then they told me they were class of 2011. I am old. Very very old.

The Cats won! Collin Klein got hurt (IT CAN’T END LIKE THIS!! IT CAN’T! IT JUST CAN’T FRICKIN’ HAPPEN!) and we won. Did I mention we won?

I’m on Cloud 9. AND OH!

Bad jokes aside, I’m excited but understand there are many weeks of football left. We keep finding a way to win. So do 3 other teams. Ugh. I feel like the weeks are just days in between football games right now and there are just too many of them!