Things to look forward to

Hey friends! How’s your summer? If you answered “over” you must be a teacher. PS – Summer is still happening, it’s hot as balls out there (no idea how hot balls are) and even if Pumpkin Spice Lattes come out Tuesday, the 27th*, it’s not fall until September. My summer is going well. I’ve seen so much of Cute Boy this spring/summer if that big red truck weren’t parked in our driveway I might wonder if he lost his job and just hadn’t told me! Don’t worry, it’s almost September. That means seeding season. “Goodbye dear, seeding’s here!”

Before I start forgetting what my husband looks like we took a trip to Chicago to visit our BFFs. Oh, you’d like photos and a recap of that? Get serious. I took basically no photos. I definitely took zero photos of my friend Harvard. What an idiot. I swear we were there and since we did do ONE touristy thing I will upload those photos and recap it soon. What I want to talk about today is how now that summer is ALMOST over, some of you may be feeling like you have nothing to look forward to. I thought a short list of exciting things I’m looking forward to would be fun. And it will be…except that this first thing isn’t exactly what I thought it was.

September 17th. Have you see this? Humor me. Click on it. No, seriously. It’s not unsafe for work or going to be some kind of LONG video you have to watch, hell, it isn’t even KSU related. Did you click on it? Great, ok, when I saw this a week or so ago and after she’d been claiming her album was coming out “much sooner than you think” I squealed. Yes, really, because I thought it meant the album we’d been promised “before the end of the year” was coming out in 4 short weeks! It wasn’t until I was reading my fav B. Spears website that I realized, it’s just the first single. Come on! I need more than that. You’ve been stringing us along for almost a year about this damn Vegas thing, the least you can do is give us some music! Besides, I’ve noticed that the pap has caught you smoking cigs again. Britney, that makes me nervous. Cigs are a gateway for you to crazy. Please don’t do this to me. Again.

But let’s all get real. What I’m really thinking about is August 30th. Harvard’s brithday. No. Well, yes, it is and yes I am looking forward to him turning another year older even if I can’t share it with him but there is another exciting thing happening on the 30th. It’s gameday! The Big 12 Champs make their triumphant return to the new and improved Bill Snyder Family Stadium. I am still trying to wrap my head around a Friday game and I’ve decided we must be starting before everyone else because we are better than everyone else. While there is still uncertainty at quarterback and a lot of questions regarding the Wildcats, I couldn’t be happier to begin the next chapter. If you aren’t pumped up yet and if photos of that fancy stadium haven’t given you goosebumps lately, try watching this:

*You’re welcome