Anyone out there watching SYTYCD this year? I have been, of course, but it just isn’t the same anymore and I can’t quite tell you why. Maybe I’m just over it after so many seasons of watching. Overall I feel like each season either has good guys or good girls but not both. This season? Definitely the girls. The guys are all way too skinny for my liking. You know I like some shirtless hot guys dancing when I watch SYTYCD.

Current favorite: Jenna;

She’s been in the bottom quite a bit lately although last week I actually voted (thank you text voting) and this week she wasn’t in the bottom. Clearly it was my one vote.

Of course I also like Hayley. She’s from Topeka, KS, gotta support the hometown girl. Plus those abs…

Cat mentioned something this past week that called for further investigation. Twitch. My Twitch.This one:

He’s engaged. I guess I’m about 7 months late to this party because he got engaged in January. TO ALISON HOLKER! She’s from Season 2. Season 2 was the first season I started watching. Benji won. Travis Wall got 2nd. Never mind, back to Twitch. He met Alison on the All Star Season and now they are getting married. WHA?! I mean good for them.

Here’s a fun video about the proposal.

Guess I’ll just have to youtube some old episodes to get my fix of hot dancers with no shirts on. Pre engagement.

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