Cute Boy tells me that I cannot call my neice a baby now that she’s 2 years old (almost 3 if you ask her). I refuse. She’s my baby. I had the pleasure of spending a couple weekends in Manhattan with my sister and her adorable family. If I had one complaint it would be that Baby Tava does NOT like having her picture taken. In fact she does things like this:


#nopicturesplease #varsitydonuts

After two weekends of trying to take photos of Tava I have a few tips. Try catching her when she’s eating:



Or playing doctor:

Playing doctor

Or maybe when she’s at the salon:

painting toenails

She still got that hand up to block her face.

Or, try to catch her when she’s got her back turned.


She ran into her room, put on her pjs, and sat in my lap to watch cartoons. This was my favorite moment of the weekend.

If you do by chance get a photo of her face, it’s probably going to be blurry.


But still pretty. Not only does she not like photos of herself but she’s hard to catch because she’s constantly inbetween costume changes. The above photo was taken at 9am and she was already on her 5th outfit. She’s also in love with music and I tried hard to get video of her singing OUR favorite song, wrecking ball. I finally got one but you can’t really hear her voice. And instagram cut off her head. Jerks.

We did go to the game after I got as many hugs as she’d give. When I saw the new stadium facade it took my breath away.

West stadium center2

West stadium center

Cute Boy told me not to cry so I kept it together. We found our brick. It’s in a bad ass spot right up front, to the right of the Bill Snyder statue. I think it’s because what I wrote is so cool.


Then we headed in to check out the addition. I also decided to use the new bathrooms as I helped pay for those! A $3o0 bathroom trip is quite expensive in Cute Boy’s opinion.

west side


Cute Boy noticed both our Heisman finalists were #7


My heart ached again thinking about the previous year as we were there almost to the day of the 2012 Baylor game. Still hurts. Still a special year.

Bill Snyder

My two favorite Hall of Famers

It always feels like home when the stadium fills up with Purple.


This time there was double the usual amount of purple as we were playing TCU. It was such an exciting game, down the wire. When TCU’s kicker drilled a 56 yard field goal late in the game Cute Boy and I both thought it was over. Amazingly the Cats pulled out a huge victory! #EMAW

Ask me to tell you the story of the TCU fan sitting behind us sometime in person. It’s a good one.

Chris and DeAnna at game

Not that lady. A different one. Also ask me to tell you about my cell phone sometime. As you can see, it takes awesome selfies

A photo of Cute Boy and I in Aggieville? Ok.

Chris and DeAnna Aggieville


Baby is not amused.

How about one more of my Baby? Her dad tried to snag a photo of me reading a book to her.


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