American Royal

So I’ve heard blogs are dead. Couldn’t agree less. Ahem.

A few weeks months ago Kansas City played host to one of the things that makes it famous: Barbecue. While there may be differing opinions about where the best BBQ in KC is, the best of the best come out once a year to find out for sure. The American Royal BBQ Competition is the largest BBQ competition in the Nation. Until last year I knew very little about it. The past 2 years the hotel I work for has hosted a client event on the Friday of the American Royal weekend. This year our Chefs entered the competition. And I was on the team. Kind of.

I made it out too late to help set up but early enough to enjoy some food before things got too crazy.


That’s a dish covered in Bacon Jam. Yes. Don’t mess around with bacon jam. It’s Smoked Bacon Stuffed with Bacon Sausage and topped with a Roasted Onion Bacon Jam.


And those are smoked sweetbreads. Or rather: Smoked Sweetbread Schnitzels with Gouda Mashed Potatoes. So so so good. This vegan could not stop eating the throat of a cow. Amazing.

And dessert? Well it was off the carts as well:


Cupcake. With Bacon. A Bacon Cupcake. Actually: a Vanilla Bourbon Cupcake with Maple Cream Cheese Icing and Candied Bacon.

One of the Chefs being inducted into the hall of fame that weekend was Guy Fieri. One of our Chefs looks an awful lot like him.


We had WAY too much fun watching passerby yell “Hey Guy!! Over here!” He was gracious enough to spend some time talking to his fans. If you’d like to hear more about the food as well as how the team did at competition the following day, check out Chef’s blog here. You should really be reading his blog anyway, lots of good recipes and ideas there; he’s very creative and quite accommodating of every crazy idea the Event Management team comes up with. (see: pop tarts, cronuts, bacon salad on his blog)

We had the BEST time! And our party won 3rd place for best party! I think that means my friends and I know how to throw a bad ass party!





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