Pantry Livin’

You guys! You know how I like to come up with these crazy challenges for myself? If my old blog hadn’t come to a tragic end I would now link to that time I gave up drinking* and that time I did a cleanse**. Well I’ve come up with a new one. I was excited to tell you all about it and about the subsequent blog posts as the month goes along. Except…well…I’ve already failed! Stay with me. And let me back up. 

I’ve decided to spend October eating out of our pantry/freezer. I know, it’s not that exciting. But it is hard and worthwhile. My motivation was two-fold. First, I thought I had a lot of stuff in my pantry/freezer that needed to be cleared out. Don’t we all? Second, I’m trying to save money. I know, it’s not a very Trophy Wife thing to do! But remember, I’m a fake trophy wife. No real riches here. Just blessings. Sorry, that was super cheesy. The reason I’m trying to save money is because Cute Boy and I have a very expensive bill coming up. I’ve been coy about this and partially mentioned something about it on the blog before. If you know me in real life I’m sure I’ve already given you the whole story. I’m not good at keeping things to myself. Our home needs some extensive foundation work. Blame these last 2 very dry KS years. Blame the people before us who prob knew there were bigger issues and got the hell out of Dodge. Blame us. We’ve done all of those things. But me? I’m a fix it and move on kind of girl. It’s just money. Right? RIGHT!??!! Anyway, it’s expensive, the repairs start this month, and, uh, they don’t have any kind of payment plan so although this is going to cost more than my car, which I spent 6 years paying off, we’ll be paying for it straight cash homey!*** 

My first step was to take inventory of what I had. This is when I realized, I didn’t have that much! I’m not sure how that happened but I blame it on my occasional need to de-clutter. I decided I would be allowed to buy fresh vegetables because vegetables are good for you. And if I had everything to cook a meal except for (2) or less ingredients I would buy those. So the planning began and while some of the menus for the next few weeks are a little interesting, I’m excited. 

Then I went to Whole Foods this week to buy 3 items to complete my meals and a few things for Cute Boy for lunches. I was hungry. Rookie mistake. I left with over $120 worth of food. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I BOUGHT. Apples. A few snacks for Cute Boy. Lunch for me. I kind of screwed up the whole plan. But what did you expect from your favorite Trophy Wife? 

I’ll be blogging any creative dishes. And I’ll be sure to tweet/blog this house project. Just so you know, we’ll be living here FOREVER. 

*Worst decision ever. 

**2nd worst decision ever.

***I’d forgotten the details of that quote even though Cute Boy and I quote it often. For the record, we’ll be paying more than twice what Randy was fined. 


3 thoughts on “Pantry Livin’

  1. I love this idea! I keep thinking I should do something like this because we’ve got way too much food in this house! Excited to see what you come up with!

    • Chef! I’d hope you’re good at making something out of nothing! My meals have been pretty stupid, like a adzuki bean burger (frozen) and Ravioli. That doesn’t go together. But it was good.


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