Don’t doubt Martha

In keeping up with our tradition, Jamie, Jana and I go together a couple weeks ago. You may have seen on Jana’s blog that Cade helped us make dinner. At first we were going to get Chipotle* but I wanted to try a new recipe; I’d been seeing these recipes all over the blogs I read and I just couldn’t believe it would work. 

Have you seen these “One Pan Pastas”? I guess the original recipe came from Martha Stewart. This recipe really was so easy a kid could do it! You put everything into a pot, bring it to a boil, and then stir occasionally until the water evaporates. The pasta makes it’s own sauce! It just didn’t make sense. I mean, wouldn’t it be watered down or bland?

Well we did as instructed:

ImageJamie even brought basil from her garden! Jamie and I chopped and Cade added the ingredients to the pan. Then we waited. And Martha came through. Of course.

ImageIt was creamy and tasted great. Could have used a little extra salt. I’ve seen some of the blogs I read have been using stock instead of water. It was healthy and good. And perfect for Jamie who ran 22 miles the following day. She’s amazing.

Jana also made this great peach crisp with sriracha sauce. Seriously.


Then Jana and I stayed up until 1am talking. I’m not even sure how that’s possible but I could have stayed longer! It felt like we were back in college. The next day did not. 

Love those girls. And Jana’s family. And Martha, is always right.



*Did you hear that Chipotle (at least the ones around here) has started making their pinto beans vegetarian? 



One thought on “Don’t doubt Martha

  1. Uhhh… clearly a little behind on blog reading here. But that meal was amazing! And now I’m reminded that I need to try those vegan pinto beans! Love you! Can’t wait for our October date night!


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