Urban Winery

I had no idea that not far from where I sit* every day at work is an urban winery, right here in Kansas City. Luckily I know cool people who know these things. And who take me to experience them.

Amigoni is a winery and event space in the West Bottoms near downtown KC. The space is very “West Bottoms” and their concept is very local and sustainable. Ya know, my thing. We tasted 5 wines last night and I thought they were very good overall.


Wine and Cheese; I couldn’t be happier

They also have local Green Dirt Farm cheeses and local Farm to Market Bread. Seriously, I told you, my thing.

Recently they’ve added Boulevard Beers. Alright, I’m overwhelmed. It’s too much! We tasted 4 Boulevard Beers as well and I was so excited to learn that I love love love the KC Pilsner.


L to R: 80 Acre Hoppy Wheat, KC Pilsner, I DON”T REMEMBER -UGH, and the Single-Wide IPA

We ate, we drank, we were merry. You should definitely check this place out.

*Sitting is the new smoking. Have I said this to you already? It’s my new thing. If you sit all day long no matter what else you do (marathons, yoga, eat super clean) your chances of having heart disease are substantially higher than if you didn’t sit all day. Guess who sits (almost) all day? Yep. This guy.


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