With a name like that…

One of my favorite things is seeing what Internet searches bring people to my blog. As you can imagine most are trophy wife related. Below are my favorites and my first reaction upon reading them. You should check your searches out too!

fake trophy wife             Yes!

being 30 sucks     Also, yes!

i’m not happy 30 sucks   You’ll get over it

trophy wives with fake  Wonder where they were going with that?

hobby lobby gemstone mirror   SEE! It is cool!

why trophy wives suck       I can’t think of a single reason

rodney mcgruder and martavious            Gonna miss those kids

real life trophy wife        I wish

j&j wife                Yay! I love J&J…but they don’t have wives…

trophy wife stadium       They totally should have named KSU’s new stadium after me

trophy wives have great life        I bet they do just like I bet English is not your first language

emaw is stupid   We know how I feel about that!

ryan reynolds trophy wife            YES!! Why didn’t I think of that instead of falling in love?

some inappropriate trophy wife searches that I won’t repeat       I bet these folks were disappointed to find my blog!

what gets out hummus              Club soda?

being 30               See number 2

my husband called me his trophy wife   So does mine! Take it as a compliment even thought it might have meant you are high maintenance

how to eat like a trophy wife      Ha! Also disappointed here because I don’t eat like a Trophy Wife

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