Do they get to keep the honey?

Before I share the following text convo a little back story is required. Cute Boy and I have to have some work done on our home. I haven’t mentioned it because I haven’t been blogging I know Cute Boy will be pissed that I’m even mentioning it now I don’t really know why not…

Cute Boy: My worst nightmare was realized today.

Trophy Wife: (Scanning the recesses of her mind TDub could only come up with things that were HER worst nightmare: Running out of wine, rolling an ankle in 5 inch heels – not because of the pain but because of the embarrassment, or perhaps still weighing the most she’s ever weighed in her whole life – oh wait, that’s real life.) What happened?

Cute Boy: The house next to the one I’m working at has some kind of massive bee hive and these guys in bee suits are removing them all. There are Bees EVERYWHERE. 20-30 THOUSAND of them.

Trophy Wife: Ew. Actually, wouldn’t your worst nightmare be a hive of wasps? (Finally remembering the ONLY thing he actually hates)

Cute Boy: This is pretty bad.

Then he sent me a photo of some guy all suited up climbing out of the house with the caption, “We could have this problem instead.”

Trophy Wife: Which is more expensive? And…do they get to keep the honey?

I mean, I’m just saying! I hear Honey Laundering is a serious issue right now!


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