Get your life together

Last weekend Running Drinking Buddy and I went to the Midland in downtown KC to see Jillian Michaels speak. The show was called Maximize Your Life but I kept saying I was going to learn how to get my life together. It was…well both over and underwhelming.

Her website calls it a “unique, live experience sharing her keys to Health, Success, and Happiness”. OK. The first portion was about health. Healthy eating and working out. I was bored. Under whelmed. Feeling I’d wasted my money. Because I know all of that. We all know all of that, right? Eat less. Move more. I know all about how they list sugar 5 different ways on an ingredient list so that sugar doesn’t show up as the #1 ingredient. I know that eating organic meat and dairy can help you lose weight because your metabolism isn’t fighting with all those chemicals. In fact, reading her book, Master Your Metabolism, is what cause me to go organic in the first place. In fact, you could say Jillian made me a vegan(ish) composting, microwave hating hippy. When it was time for intermission I was wondering why I was spending my Sunday evening there hearing things I could quote myself if needed when I heard the woman next to me say “I can’t believe you have to burn 3500 calories to lose a pound”!

Seriously. You know that, right? All of you heard that one years ago and have since heard it a million times, right? It was perplexing to me because if you are here listening to Jillian, you must be a fan of hers right? So you’ve seen her shows or read her books or something, right? Guess not. I wasn’t looking for eat less, move more because I know that. I preach that in my head. But what I do is sit at a computer 10 hours a day and then sit in front of a TV until it’s time to go bed while eating whatever looks good and is fast. What I wanted was something to spur me to change for real this time. Something to help me stop talking/bloging/thinking about living a healthy life and to start actually living a healthy life. Jillian said she doesn’t life working out. But knows she needs to in order to live the life she wants. She said you have to figure out your “why”. Why to eat less and move more and once your why is big enough you’ll live a mostly healthy life. I guess “I want to look hot” isn’t a big enough why to make me actually do anything.

The second half of the show was heavier. She talked about the rat race we all buy into, she talked about how we work jobs we don’t love and live lives we don’t love because that’s what society tells us to do. She says you shouldn’t do that. Instead, find your passion, live a life you can love and be proud of. Yep. Sounds right. Of course there was so much more to it and it was thought provoking and motivating and at times scary and often funny but I walked away wondering how I’d let it impact me or what I would do to change.

I guess I’m still trying to get my life together. The next 3o years, huh?

2 thoughts on “Get your life together

  1. How do people not know about 3500 calories?!? And I kind of hate that she says she hates to work out.

    I would like to hear more about this topic. Possibly over drinks.


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