Top Ten Things I’m obsessed with right now

1. Not using an alarm. I’m not really sure what the science is behind this but I stopped using an alarm a few months ago and I literally wake up and look at the clock at 6:30am every single morning. Now, don’t get me wrong, Chris leaves before me so I’m awake long before I really need to be but it’s kinda crazy how it’s working. It also means I’ve been waking up earlier on the weekends without trying. Wasn’t that my New Year’s Resolution? Well it’s not working during the work week but it’s happening on the weekends without me trying. Don’t worry, I’m aware one of these days I’m going to oversleep by hours and be totally screwed. In the meantime I’m enjoying more restful sleep and peaceful wake ups.

2. Friday Night Lights. My BFF, Harvard, has been trying to get me on that bandwagon for years and I’d added it to my Netflix cue a long time ago. One of my coworkers mentioned that maybe we couldn’t be friends since I hadn’t seen it. So last weekend I sat down and began what is an epic journey. We are into the second season – definite sophomore slump (DON’T RUIN IT FOR ME YOU JERKS!) and while I am not sure it has changed my life I do know that if I had high school to do over again I’d be a totally different person. Wouldn’t it be amazing to go back knowing what you know now? I would be Tyra instead of Lyla if I could do it again. For sure.

3. Online shopping. It’s gotten a little out of control, truthfully. But I need things! No, I don’t. But I keep buying. Nothing major. Just some clothes. And makeup. And a new purse. I CAN’T STOP! I NEED HELP! No really, do you think I should buy these?

4. Snapchat. Are you using this app? You need to find me: faketrophywife and start sending me snapchats. I spend way too much time trying to think of something clever to send to someone and I’m only chatting with like 3 people. It’s too much fun. And I’m totally aware that somewhere the Snapchat people are keeping all of your naked photos so think about that before you send them. I don’t send any of those.

5. This Boston Tragedy. I have no idea why but I cry every time I see something about it. Is this because I’m old? Why is this one different?

6. My new purse. And wallet. See #3. Technically the purse is my birthday present. Aren’t they both amazing?


7. Spray Tan. I signed up for a monthly package (that they make you commit to for a year) so expect to see me tanner the next time you see me. I use this system.

8. Greek Yogurt. What is with Greek Yogurt having a heyday right now? Is it hey day? Or hay day? Whatever. I know, I know, what am I doing eating Greek yogurt when I’m all anti dairy? Not sure if it’s the increased protein (that should actually make it worse for my allergy) or what but I’ve been eating one every morning and haven’t seen any adverse affects. It’s delicious. Fage is my personal fav. And let’s focus on what is important: I’m eating breakfast daily for the first time since Elementary School.

9. SUVs. Cute Boy and I have been discussing buying a new car. (Wow I seem superficial after rereading all of these – 2 words: Trophy. Wife.) I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with my Tiburon but she’s getting on in years (WHO ISN’T?!) and mileage so at some point it will be time to move on. I never thought I’d buy anything besides a sedan but when Tibby was in the shop I drove a Crossover and loved it. So we’re internet browsing and fantasizing about cars we shouldn’t. This is what we really want.

9. The Draft. I tweeted that attending the draft was on my bucket list and when someone inquired what all the fuss was about I simply responded that the draft is about: Possibility. When I was in college, KSU’s own Terrence Newman was expected to go very early in the draft. In fact, the rumor was he was going to my beloved Dallas Cowboys. That combo meant I had to watch. This was back when the draft was on a Saturday, not Thursday night. Cute Boy and I had just started “hanging out” then and I mentioned that I’d be watching the draft that Saturday. Mostly I wanted him to think I was a cool girl who watched so much football that she both knew when the draft was on and was going to watch it. Cute Boy didn’t have cable at this point in his life (Or a cell phone – seriously, think about that. We used to talk on his house phone/my dorm room phone…those were the good old days) so I saw my opportunity. I asked him if he’d like to come over and watch. The rest, as they say…

Fast forward to this year, Thursday night I was sitting on my couch remembering this story when I decided to tweet about. The following Twitter convo ensued:

I credit the draft for Chris & I getting together. I invited him over – I wanted to watch get drafted

Good job Chris! And he should have invited you over but it all worked out haha!!

I’m sorry, did you catch that? TERRENCE NEWMAN TWEETED ME! I’m famous. This is almost like the time John Mayer started following me on Twitter. I can barely contain my fame these days.

T New jersey

10. This weather. I know it’s only going to last a day but this sunshine has legit changed me. I am a different person today. I didn’t really think SAD got me this year but clearly it did because my outlook on life today is SUNNY and BRIGHT for the first time in a long time.

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Things I’m obsessed with right now

  1. 1. It’s heyday.
    2. The minute you mention naked pictures, we all assume you’re sending them. Even if you say “I’m not sending naked pictures.” Perhaps, ESPECIALLY because you said that. 🙂
    3. You are so famous it’s just awesome. I still think I ‘m doing Twitter wrong.
    4. It’s too hot and I hate it. Summer can just stay away forever. When is fall?
    5. I wanted to make it to 10, but I’m not gonna. Bummer.

  2. I’m so glad you watched FNL. Season two is easily the worst (the Landry subplot is terrible, but they thought they were going to cancel the show (they also thought it at the end of the first season which is why they won the title) without “spicing it up” it becomes normal at the end of season 2 – and is amazing in 3-5).

  3. Laughed out loud at “She’s getting on in years (who isn’t?)”. You are hilarious.

    I’m eating Greek yogurt right now!

    You have 2 #9’s.


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