What gets out hummus? What gets out hummus?

Bonus points for the first person who knows what that title is from. Double bonus point if you can tell me the best line of that episode.

This weekend, I took my VitaMix out for a stroll. I’ve only been making smoothies and while they are AMAZINGLY SMOOTH, you can’t buy a VitaMix and only make smoothies. Well you can. Also, while you watch “Chopped” you can point out to your husband every time one of the Chefs uses a ViatMix. This also works during Iron Chef.

In an attempt to be an Iron Chef I made hummus this weekend. I used this recipe. Which meant I had to take the shell off the chickpeas.


And then I got to use my VitaMix.

20130413_150304 (1)

I’ll be honest when I say it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. There really is no oil in that recipe so there is very little liquid. I ended up using much more water than was called for simply because it gets put in the blender last and VitaMixs don’t like it like that. Or so I’ve learned.

Consistency? Smoothly perfect. Taste? A little bland. Guess my chickpeas just aren’t that tasty. Next time I’d add way more garlic (possibly roast it first) and more lemon juice. Perhaps the water watered it down? Who knows. Come over sometime and I’ll try again.


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