With a heavy sigh

One of my coworkers asked me what was wrong the other day. I shook my head in my cubicle and asked why she thought something was wrong.

Your sigh. It was deep.

I hadn’t even noticed I’d done it. I went about my day realizing that I was sighing repeatedly, oftentimes for no reason at all. Well, that’s not true. Plenty of reasons. It’s been hectic at work. Lots of extra things to do. Lots of phone calls that are tough. Lots of late nights. But them’s the breaks, kids. I’m starting to wonder if I’m just getting old or something.

Along those lines, can we please talk about the epidemic of busyness in this country? I think Jana is the one who first made me first think about this but I seem to see the signs everywhere now. When did we decide that being busy was some kind of badge of honor? Why is there a competition over who has more to do? Why are we proud of this busyness? Are these tasks really bringing anything to your life? And honestly, really, are you that busy? I am. Oooh boy, am I? I mean I have to go to work every single day. Well, no. Five days a week, occasionally 6. The past two weeks I’ve worked late every day. Oh, except that day I left right at 5pm and had drinks with my coworkers. Then when I get home LATE I have to cook dinner. Well, occasionally I cook dinner. Several times a week I let someone else cook it while I leisurely chat with my husband and drink a cocktail. Then after dinner I have to…uh…well, there’s the general television watching and getting ready for bed thing that really takes up time. And the weekends? Man, do you know that last weekend I had to go to the grocery store, get my spray tan*, buy a couple birthday gifts, AND!! AND I made hummus. Le. Sigh.

Sorry for the sarcasm. I understand many of you actually are very busy and I don’t want to diminish that, I just wonder what we are accomplishing while attempting to accomplish so much. I’m very deep. And I wanted to make fun of myself a little so that next weekend when I feel so busy I’ll remember that I’m not.

Now, I would be blogging a lot more but you know…I’m really busy!


*I’ve been spray tanning. It is awesome. Really, I look amazing. Tell me I don’t.

One thought on “With a heavy sigh

  1. I always feel really busy, but in reality I just think I’m bad at life and get stressed out about dumb things. I don’t know how people do it with kids. But I don’t intend to find out either. 🙂


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