My life in phone pictures

I think it’s interesting what kinds of pictures I find on my phone. I figured this would be a great way to show you what I’ve been up to lately.

I finally got my birthday dinner at North. They used to have this amazing tomato/mozzarella salad that I still dream about. It’s off the menu now and even though I know that I mention it to the server everytime we eat there. Each time they assure me that I am not the only one sad to see the salad go. They offered to make it for me, off menu (I LOVE THAT KIND OF SERVICE) but when I saw they had an appetizer that was basically the same thing only a crustini instead of a salad I opted for that. It was beautiful.


My favorite 2 year old (sorry other 2 year olds, get over it) turned 2 (duh) last month. My sister threw an adorable party.


It was cookies and milk themed. You can read more about the cuteness on my sister’s blog. Despite our efforts to get Tava to dig into her cake with her hands she wouldn’t. I think she was wondering why mom wouldn’t give her a fork? So she did this instead.

20130310_152242Don’t act like you’ve never thought about diving face first into a cake.

I took this next photo to tweet about how talented my sous chef is. Chris julienned these peppers but I can’t even remember what we were cooking. And I forgot to tweet it.


The week after KC was host to my favorite event (The Big XII Men’s Basketball Tournament) they also played host to a few 2nd and 3rd round NCAA Tournament games. The NAIA tournament was ALSO in KC the same time as Big XII. Jana‘s Husband’s Team played really well and had some very exciting wins. Basketball fans filled the hotel the entire month of March. It was SUCH a fun time to work in a hotel.


If the first thing you noticed was how TINY some of those cheerleader’s waists are, I know why we are friends. They are much smaller in real life. I wondered what size those skirts were, -2? Little know Trophy Wife fact: the only school besides KSU that I even thought about applying to was UNC. I badly wanted to attend school there and was far along in the application process (there were 4 essays you had to write and it cost something like $150 to apply) when I decided the out of state tuition was too much and that I wanted to stay near my high school boyfriend. I ended up at Kansas State University instead. Sometimes I do wonder how different my life would be if I’d flown 1900 miles away from home and become a Tar Heel.

My family celebrated Easter in Emporia with my mom’s side of the family. The day was dominated by the babies in our lives and at one point I looked over to see my sister and cousins reading a book to Lolo’s daughter, Delta.


It seemed like a moment I wanted to capture.

Soccer Fan and I attended a Sporting game a couple weeks ago. Still boring. But exciting to have a local team winning. Speaking of, how about those ROYALS?!

I took some leftover flowers from an event and put together an arrangement for my desk. My coworker, who is engaged, and I both sent a photo to our significant others thanking them for the flowers. I do this ALL.THE.TIME. to Cute Boy. It’s my not so subtle reminder that he aught to send his wife flowers. He never responded to the text. My coworker’s fiance texted and called to find out who exactly sent her flowers. Suppose that’s the difference between married 5 years and newly engaged?


Now that I can see all of my shoes and now that there isn’t snow on the ground I’ve been wearing a lot more fun shoes. Some of them are not in the best shape. Remember when I bought these beauties in Vegas to wear to the Britney concert? They are fraying and that makes me sadface.


One of the things I do for my job is attend pre convention meetings for large city-wide conventions. Sometimes there is food. When I left the other afternoon my coworker asked me to bring her something if they had treats. I excitedly texted her this photo of the cake pops I snagged. I was mad I hadn’t brought my purse so I could grab more. Yes, really.


There’s been some buzz about the new Boulevard Coffee Ale. I tried it.


It’s no Chocolate Ale. #stillbitter Pun intended.

Whenever we grab a drink after work my boss always orders dessert. Not bad. This chocolate torte had a coconut drizzle on it that was totally unexpected but delicious.


It’s Spring in my house! And yes, I do know what this coming week is going to be like. Duh, I’m married to a weatherologist. That’s what he calls it because after all he’s not “tracking meteors!”


2 thoughts on “My life in phone pictures

  1. I love your life in pics blog!!! Awesome idea about texting about the flowers. Hilarious. And I laughed out loud about the cheerleaders waists comment and the cake pops/purse comment. Totally with you on both of those!!! And I never knew that about UNC. Just you mentioning that made my stomach sink at the thought of KSU without you!!!!!


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