Need to blog

Cute Boy told me I needed to blog. When I asked him what I should blog about he suggested something very inappropriate. So in lieu of that post I’ll just start rambling and see where it goes.

  • Work. Well…we converted to a new computer system over the past few weeks and I’m bored now while everyone else is having nightmares and working twice as much. I say this more as a commentary on the difference between generations in the workplace than as a way to toot my own horn. The downside of course, is that if you know what you are doing everyone comes to you to ask questions. Also, one of the other event managers quit. That, of course, means the workload is distributed between 2 people instead of 3. Whatevs. Per ushe. I failed to win the lottery last week so I’m still working. Living the dream.
  • Did you notice that the weather got nice for like 2 minutes? Ok, several days. Then they talked about snow for today and I really did decide to move. Sorry, kids, I’m over it. It’s fucking April. If I’m gonna live somewhere that gets snow in April it’s gonna be Denver where they have 300 sunny days a year. Three. Hundred. Wanna know how many KC has? 215. Also, when I googled that I got some disparaging info about Denver having 300 sunny days a year. Rain on my parade. Literally. No, figuratively. Anyway, how about somewhere that it doesn’t snow in April? Ever. That’s my next move.
  • Basketball. My Great Aunt at Easter said she was pretty tired of all this Basketball taking over her television after I mentioned that the past month at the hotel had been dominated by basketball. I love it. Even though my bracket was busted in the second round (first) after my Wildcats failed to win. You know I had them winning it all. Oh, and Go Shox!
  • Cute Boy has been doing some home improvement by building some closet organization in our office closet. I’m pretty sure it was for him to increase the amount of space he had for clothes but somehow this happened: You know all I see is room for growth, right? I also kind of forgot about some of those shoes which is just sad. Also, they are organized which you may not have noticed at first glance. The top left section are all shoes with sequins on them. To the right are suede shoes (you know shoes that can’t get wet?). Middle left are all black and middle right have at least some black on them. The bottom left are just whatever else was left.
  • A couple weeks ago Mego and I went to see The Bloggess do a book reading. I’m not a Bloggess reader but nearly cried laughing at her story telling. It was good to catch up with Megan and a fun way to spend an evening.
  • Have I given you a review of my VitaMix yet? It’s magic. All I’ve made are smoothies. Oh, and garlic paste. Well, I intended to chop up some garlic in olive oil so I had some available whenever needed but I either overmixed or under added the olive oil because when I went back a couple days later to use it it was a paste. But still worked. Come over, I’ll make you some soup sometime. (You can make soup in the VitaMix. It heats up the soup. I DON’T UNDERSTAND EITHER, I THINK IT’S WITCHCRAFT!)

Oh, and no April Fool’s jokes here, ain’t nobody got time for that.

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