Google, you suck

Blog readers unite. Google is getting rid of Reader. If you are a Reader user you already know that. And you’re frantically trying to find a solution. Well, don’t worry, your favorite Trophy Wife is here to help.

First of all, Google says they are getting rid of Reader because no one is reading blogs anymore. Tell that to the 50,000 people who have already signed a petition trying to keep Reader. Google doesn’t care, BTW. And that’s fine. They can be wrong.

Honestly, I thought my internet savvy friend, Megarunr would be my savior in this. The shut down is still several months away so I figured I’d let her work it out for me and I’d just tag along to whatever she thought the best alternative was. She seems pretty teed off about the whole thing. Just see what she said on Twitter. And I randomly linked from one article about it to the next until I came to one that mentioned The Old Reader.

It seemed like a good alternative and they said I could upload my blogs straight from Reader so I thought I was all set. I was a little concerned that it was a much smaller site and I worried about the influx of people like me bombarding them with new users. But you all are my friends so I would never hold out on you. That’s not true. But in this case I would not hold out on you. Chance to meet B. Spears? I’m holding out on you. Best shoe sale ever? I’ll tell you about it after I bought what I needed. But this reader? I’ll help you out. But warn you.

When I went to import my subscriptions I was proud of myself when I figured it out. Then I received this message:

“Thank you for uploading your OPML file. We will soon start importing your subscriptions, which might take up to several hours depending on the amount of feeds you have.

There are 43512 users in the import queue ahead of you.”
Well, fuck. Forty Three Thousand, huh?
I went ahead and uploaded my subscriptions manually instead. That turned out to be a good thing because I discovered one blog that no longer exists. And I dropped a few others that I no longer need in my life or that don’t post EVER.
So far things are OK. I love the look and layout, super simple. Sometimes it uploads old posts that were written years ago. I assume that will work itself out. If not, I’ll blame Google, OF COURSE!

2 thoughts on “Google, you suck

  1. I do not deal well with change or rejection. I’m also peeved that most of these “alternatives” either cost money, are only for mobile devices, or want to attach to my Google account. I don’t want you connected to my Google account, Feedly. And not Facebook either, Old Reader. I’ve got all of my URLs saved in a Word file and am counting on Digg’s new product (coming out later this year) to be my savior. Until then, I’m going to pout. And text you when Google does RIDICULOUS things like take Reader from my Gmail bar but not the Google bar, just to make my life more difficult. HMPH!


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