So I’m 30

And it’s awful!

Actually, I had such a great start to the birthday that I really felt maybe I was just overreacting and that 30 was gonna be awesome. I felt very loved after two great parties. I’m starting to get over this cold and ready to for my do over birthday.

I did wear my new shoes and they survived the wet ground without me making Cute Boy carry me as I had suggested. Last Saturday we met up with my two favorite FACS teachers and their husbands for dinner. We ate at Yaya’s in Leawood, which I love and had a long, hilarious dinner. We discussed everything from Will Spradling to how everyone decided on what college to go to. We also planned future game nights that you definitely want to be a part of.

The food was great, the wine was plentiful but the company was even better. I only took a couple photos. One of my dessert, a trio of creme brulee:

bday dessert

Couldn’t wait to take that first bite

and the girls:

Can you say photo bomb?

Can you say photo bomb?

Please note my kick ass spray tan and pink hair. Those two blondes are so pretty.

It was the absolute best night a girl could ask for. I’m excited to spend the next 30 years with the amazing friends and family that I have in my life. And we’ll definitely be doing this again.

Cheers to you all!

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