About those shoes

On Saturday, as Cute Boy and I ran errands around town the following conversation took place; forgive me if you heard the 140 character version on Twitter already, it was just too funny not to share here too.

12 inches of snow, melting, becoming slush. Parking lots full of dirty, mucky water.

Trophy Wife: “UH! There is no way I’m going to be able to wear my shoes tonight!”

Cute Boy: “What? Why not? It’s melting, there’s just a little bit of water now”

Trophy Wife:  Super annoyed;  “Are you kidding? My shoes are suede, you can’t wear them on wet ground, they’ll be ruined”

Cute Boy: Completely annoyed. “Why would you ever buy shoes that can’t get wet?”

Trophy Wife: “Is this real life? Have you met me?”

I mean really, has he met me? Why would I ever buy shoes that can’t get wet? Here’s a better question, why would you ever buy shoes that CAN get wet? Anyway, I did get to wear my shoes Saturday YAY! and I had the BEST time ever at dinner that night YAY! followed by the most fun family gathering on Sunday YAY! Then I walked into work and my coworkers had put together the sweetest mess in my cubicle:

Stuff everywhere!


And an explanation:


In case you can’t read it, it says:
30 BRIT-BRITS? A reminder that if your age makes you crazy, we will all still love you!
30 Cents? Saving for retirement!
30 Post It Notes? You’ll definitely start losing your mind…use these as reminders!
30 Recipes? MORE FIBER!
30 Paper Clips? Keep it together, girl!

But then things took a turn for the worse. Monday afternoon that second snow storm rolled in. Another 10 inches on top of the 12 we got 4 days prior? BOO! The restaurant I had a bday dinner with Cute Boy planned at, the one where we spent his 30th birthday closed early due to the storm. BOO! Then I got sick. Like sore throat, sinus congestion, can’t breathe sick. BOO! WHA!?

My friend Megan suggested I take a Mulligan on the Birthday and I totally think I should. So until I can start feeling better and we can redo, I won’t be recapping the birthday. Let’s just say for now, I’m 30, and it’s miserable.

2 thoughts on “About those shoes

  1. I can’t see your pictures, and that makes me sad. You totally DO need a birthday mulligan. And I need it to stop snowing. NOW.

  2. Hello! Obviously it’s because you were trying to celebrate your birthday on Feb 25 instead of the real day – March 3rd!!


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