Birthday Wishes

T Minus 1 week until my birthday. B T Dub, happy early birthday to my birthday sharer and wonderful blogger, CGM. It makes me feel better Lauren, that I’m not alone in this.

Since I am sure you are all wondering what you should get me for my birthday I thought I’d put together a fun wish list. Sorry for not being more prompt with this but well…I’m lazy.

  • Bubble Bath. I saw this on a blog and just thought it was beautiful. I should be taking more baths anyway!

Click on the pic for a link

Do you think I just like the bottle because it looks like booze?

  • Vitamix. I know I’m a little late to the party as bloggers the world round have been using their Vitamixs for years but I finally decided I might use it enough to make the price tag worth it.
Vitamix 5200 Super - Healthy Lifestyle Package

After extensive research this is the one I want

  • Have you been watching Biggest Loser this season? Have you seen Jillian’s necklace? I LOVE it and decided I needed one. I was sure someone would have asked where it’s from so I wasn’t surprised when I easily found the answer by googling. I was surprised by the price tag.
Jillian Michaels

Click the pic for the source

You can find the necklaces here. For at least $1300. Oops. I found some Etsy options that were more in your price range. You should check out Etsy.

  • I know I already mentioned that Vitamix but I also want this:

It’s a Juicer

Seriously. I think I’ve convinced myself that juicing will save my life. I know. Let’s just say this one is next on my crazy list. Just after: eliminating processed foods, going organic, going vegan… I know: No one needs a vitamix and a juicer. That is the problem. Juicing is like veganism for me: I think it’s a little too crazy but I just keep hearing about it/seeing it. Just ask this guy! Most recently I saw this movie and it reenforced what I’ve been thinking. Don’t tell Cute Boy.

Other ideas:

  • Wine. Always.
  • A facial. I’ve only ever had one facial in my entire life and now that I’m old I should start taking better care of my skin, right?
  • Shoes. Also always a great choice. I just bought myself two pairs, including one I’ll be wearing for my birthday dinner that I can’t wait to show you!
  • Tickets to KSU bball games. They are expensive!

Happy Shopping! Oh, and NO cards, shirts, hats, etc. proclaiming to the world that I’m THIRTY. Ugh.


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