Well that’s, one thing we’ve got

This is so me.

In an effort to finally, maybe, cross off something from my Dirty Thirty list I added a couple classic movies to my Netflix streaming account. After a long weekend at work, yesterday afternoon I snuggled into my bed to watch one of them: Breakfast at Tiffanys. The movie started and immediately I knew I’d seen it before and yet…I could not for the life of me remember what happened. The entire 2 hours I watched the damn thing I couldn’t remember what happened next but after each scene I registered that I had in fact seen that too.

This is not new. One time I anxiously added Dear John to my nexflix cue, remembering that I’d wanted to see it in the theater for my birthday a few years prior. As it began I realized…I’ve seen this before.  Who does this?! I’ll tell you who doesn’t: Cute Boy. That guy can see 6 seconds of some obscure movie we watched 10 years ago that he slept through half of and be like, “Oh, that’s 16 blocks” while I’ll swear I’ve never seen it. Then he’ll explain the entire plot to me at which point I will realize that yes, I watched it.

This is one of his amazing, yet not profitable talents. Much like being able to guess the weight of fat people within about 6 pounds. Seriously, watch Biggest Loser with us once, you’ll be amazed.


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