Hi Friends.

I’m tired.

Let’s recap what’s been going on in Trophy Wife’s life, shall we?

  • When I made a New Year’s resolution to “wake up earlier” I never anticipated that it meant getting to work at 6am. Ugh. I’m failing at this resolution except on those days that I’m forced to succeed. When’s naptime?
  • It’s February. That’s my favorite month. It’s short and it’s my birthday month. This year, of course, I’m not so excited about that whole birthday thing. Yes, I should be over it by now. No, I’m not. Happy Birthday to me!
  • Britney is talking to Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas about doing some shows there. Britney in Vegas? Been there, done that. WANT TO DO IT AGAIN! Who wants to hit up Vegas for some sun and B. Spears action? Come on, you know you want to!
  • Big 12. Big Monday. There are BIG things happening in basketball right now. The Cats are playing well. I have my issues with some of them but winning is winning so I won’t trash college kids on my blog. Going to be a long difficult stretch until the Madness of next month but I’m looking forward to it.
  • Bob’s plan. I had a really great first week on Bob’s plan. Tons of protein, lots of eating, more water than you can imagine. I lost 5 pounds. Then I got lazy. Gained a couple back. Stopped spending hours prepping meals and snacks and cleaning SO. MANY. TUPPERWARE. CONTAINERS. Started eating carbs after 2pm. I’m back at it and trying again. The best take away so far though is that I’m consistently eating breakfast for the first time ever in my life. Sometimes that doesn’t happen until 9am but it’s happening. Maybe if I just woke up a little earlier…

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