What is going on?

Not sure if you’re up on this news, Wildcats, but there is a lot going on in the football offseason. Alot. I know we are all focused on this great basketball season that we are having, and we should be, after all, the Cats are #18ish (why are there so many polls out there? Can’t we just have one so I know what we are ranked?) and kickin’ ass. HUGE win on Saturday. Tell me you saw that block by Southwell a couple games ago? I lost my mind watching it. My reaction was something like this:

Big game coming up.

But, what you might have missed in all this Bball excitement is that something is going on in football. Something troubling. Something no one can really explain. First it was Joe Bob. Yes, his name is Joe Bob Clements and he’s been on KSU’s defensive coaching staff for 11 seasons. He played for KSU in ’99. He’s considered one of our best recruiters. Or was. He left. He took a job in Stillwater (gross) with OSU. He’ll be their Defensive Coordinator next season. There are rumors about why he left; money is one of the more popular ideas. The official reason I keep hearing has something to do with his family. WHAT ABOUT YOUR EMAW FAMILY?

This was a big blow last weekend when it happened. Then a few days ago it was announced that Michael Smith was also leaving. He has been the wide receivers coach the last 4 years. He’s class of ’95. He’s considered to be an even better recruiter than Joe Bob. I think he’s going to Arkansas. That’s not important.

What is important is that two former players, two Bill Snyder guys, two great recruiters on the defensive side of the ball have left just days before the signing deadline. What is going on? There are rumors about Snyder. It’s no secret he thinks his son should take over when he does leave. But when is that? Am I to believe it might be soon and that’s why people are jumping ship? I don’t believe that. What I mean is, I believe when the 2013 season begins next fall that Bill Snyder will be standing on the sidelines wearing his 2013 Fiesta Bowl jacket (or he might stick with the 2012 Cottonbowl one). Or is all of this unrelated? Did success create opportunities for these men to advance their career and that is why they are leaving? I don’t know. But I do know that I’m nervous.

One thought on “What is going on?

  1. Oh wow, glad you brought this to our attention! I’ve been trying to comment on your top ten post too. I want more posts about your shoes. It’s time…again. 🙂


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