Top Ten Tuesday

I’ve been blogging a lot. Alot. I want that noted. And I’m going to copy Jamie for as long as it seems fun so let’s start with today’s Top Ten. These are questions her 6th graders asked of her. I don’t have 6th graders (thank God) so I’ll use her questions.

1.  What is your favorite color?

2.  What is your favorite movie?
This really stumped me. I don’t have a go-to answer anymore. A Few Good Men? It’s a movie I could watch every single time it comes on TV, does that count? What about Elf? I LOVE that movie.

3.  What is your favorite food?
Carbs. Can you tell I’m not eating many of them? Queso dip and chips is the real answer.

4.  How did you learn to cook?
A culmination of things: watching my mom cook growing up, watching more Food Network than anyone should, FACS class in high school, and definitely cooking classes in college, followed by cooking in my own apartment kitchen from age 20 until now.

5.  How did you learn to sew?
FACS classes in high school. LOVE LOVE LOVED my FACS classes although they sound super lame compared to what Jamie and Jana do.

6.  What do you order at Starbucks?
Tall soy Caramel Machiatto. But now I make my own latte every day. Less calories, less sugar, so much fun though. Love my Nespresso.

7.  How old are you?
Or, mind your own damn business.

8.  Why don’t you like KU?
Loved Jamie’s answer. Mine is: I can’t. It is not possible to be a KSU alumn and like KU. If you can’t understand that answer you don’t understand EMAW and I can’t explain it to you, you have to live it. I’m talking to you, “emaw is stupid”. Apparently so is using capitalization. But going back to Jamie’s question, why do you like them?

9.  Are you strict?
Ha. What are we talking about? Yes, ok, the answer is yes. Life is very black and white to me. If it’s not to you, you’re going to make me uncomfortable. I’m going to wish I could be more like you but you’re going to make me uncomfortable.

10.  Have you ever been broken up with or broken up with someone?
Yes. I’m always the dumpee. Even when I think it probably should be over. Even when I’m not happy. Even when a week prior I say something like, “I think we should break up” to a friend. I will never be the one to end it. What does that tell you about me?

Leave some ideas for Top Ten Tuesday in the comments. Do it!

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. What food did you miss the most as a vegan?
    What food will you never, ever eat again?
    How many pairs of shoes do you own?
    What is your favorite pair of shoes?
    What’s the next fun, crazy trip you have planned?

    And, I like KU because I grew up near Lawrence. Hometown team, all that. If I grew up near Manhattan or went to K-State, I’d be shouting EMAW (saw someone saying “ELAW” once, that one DOES look silly) with the rest of you Wildcats.

  2. Oh man. I am beyond excited that you joined in! Those were some hard-hitting questions, and totally pertinent to everyone, not just 6th grade teachers.

    Love you! We’ll have to share our top 10 break up stories over a bottle or two of wine. Mine are totally not blog-appropriate.


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