Kentucky Root Beer Floats

I saw this post a long time ago and when I saw the photo of Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream I was immediately intrigued. Bourbon Lover and I had attended his BFFs wedding at the Buffalo Trace Distillery a couple falls ago. It was so much fun:

I knew I couldn’t find this beautiful concoction in KS but you know how after you get an idea in your head you just have to make it happen?


Is that just me? OK, is that just me when it comes to food? Yeah, anyway, I spent a good deal of money having this beauty shipped from KY. Shortly after Bourbon Lover opened it on Christmas eve, we made boozy root beer floats.




DSC00745Root beer



They were better than I imagined. There was no root beer but it did kind of taste like root beer.

We had many.


So I guess it’s time to return to KY. Perhaps take in a horse race? And buy lots of Bourbon Cream.

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