It’s hot in this kitchen!

As I said, I’ve been doing a lot of cooking in 2013. It’s going…well…OK. One of the items on my Dirty Thirty list is to master risotto. I’ve been cooking risotto for years (I used to use Chicken stock) and we kept eating it and it was always just…OK. Here’s the thing, risotto is easy to make but it’s hard to make right. I order it out all the time and rarely do places get it right. In fact, it’s kind of a running joke with some former coworkers of mine because it’s almost as if I’m cursed to always get undercooked risotto. A few months ago I thought I finally figured it out and after Jamie commented on my tweet about it I knew I needed to make it for her and Jana to ensure I could check it off my list.


You see, the thing I’d been neglecting was the stirring. You have to stir it. Almost nonstop. So I did:


Or Jamie did:


Sometimes I stirred seductively, per Jamie’s suggestion:


What’s that? You’d like a close up of those HOT new booties I just bought? Jamie is happy to make that happen for you:


The wine was good (this is my new fav Malbec).
DSC00771The company was even better.


And the risotto? Check this one off the list.

3 thoughts on “It’s hot in this kitchen!

  1. When I was reading, “Jamie is happy to make that happen for you” I was pretending you were talking in 3rd person as me. And I laughed.

    You can cook for me anytime!

  2. Much better than Restaurant quality risotto I must say! Always a great time and yes i loved your fancy new shoes and tights, and the whole look of course!

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