I’ve been doing a little cooking lately. Some things have been boring (a lot of salads and stir frys) but some of them have been kind of fun. Let’s have a look, shall we?

The following is about #fiesta13. I failed to take any photos of people at the actual Fiesta. Oops. What you should know is that that I had a lot of fun, not counting anything related to the actual game and even though there was a kitchen disaster prior to anyone showing up I have been cleared to continue to have Bowl Parties! Yay! Also, I cleaned all day long (lame) and finally got a frame for this:


You prob don’t have one of these. They were only available at the pep rally in Dallas. I have no idea if that’s true but that is where I got this one.

While cleaning I found some KSU balloons. When else are you going to use balloons? So I went and got them filled. Cute Boy asked if I was planning a 5 year olds birthday party.


Party’s here!

Alright, yeah, he’s kinda right. Whatevs!

I also made a pretty some pretty good food:


The above picture shows chips in the back with gauc, 2 kinds of salsa near that, hard shell tacos (my drink), and tortillas for soft tacos. In the front is bread with this amazing Fromage Fort (cheese dip). It was awesome. I also made this and this cheese dip. Lots of cheese. Try that last link next time you want to make cheese dip instead of that velveeta thing. That’s not cheese. I sauteed an onion and then just dropped that, the cheeses, cream, and a can of rotele into the crock pot. It was better than that velveeta thing and just as easy.


I bought a rotisserie chicken which meant I had to cut all the meat off the bone. I seriously gagged at one point when the spine of the chicken fell off in my hand. How are you people eating this? I also made beans.


And I made my own sweetened lime juice for margaritas. I threw in some Chamboard so it would be purple. Delicious. Everyone else drank beer (or wine).

I never know how to end these things. The End.

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