I had drinks with a good friend, Virginia Slim, on Friday. Drinks and about 100 sushi rolls and I was still hungry when we got to the next stop. How does that work? We had a great time and the only problem is that she’s moving and I’LL NEVER SEE HER AGAIN!! I’m only a little bit dramatic about it. And a lot bit planning my trip to Seattle sometime this spring.

Later that evening I was talking to my BFF, Harvard, about her leaving and what I should have said was this: She pushes me to do more. She helps me think bigger, expect more, and not settle. She’s not much older than I am but I feel like her wisdom outweighs my own by leaps and bounds. As we talked about changes in life and New Year’s Resolutions I couldn’t remember my NYR. It took me another 3 days before I remembered it. Hilarious. I also mentioned some changes to my diet and while I thought her facial expression was one that said, “yeah, that sounds about right”, it really was “WHAT?!”

I thought about simply omitting the following from my blog but I’ve been so vocal in the past about my organic and vegan diet that I felt I should mention this for those that might care. Part of what I want from the new blog is to document reality. And my reality is that I’m overweight and unhappy. The easy route would be to not tell you so you can’t judge me. Or so that if I fail I don’t have to admit it. I’ve done easy for a long time.

I guess some of you may have the same response that Virginia Slim did when I tell you I’m going to be introducing more animal products into my life. Perhaps more isn’t the correct word. I should say I’m going to be introducing better or more healthful animal products into my diet. Truthfully, for the last year or so, 90% of my eating is vegetarian. Only probably 50% is vegan. I’m tired. Of being overweight. And doing it my way for the last 29 years hasn’t worked. So I’m gonna do it Bob’s way. Well kind of. This, right here, is me. I can’t ever just do it his way, I have to try to make it mine.

I bought this book. Most of the rules are pretty common sense. (Drink lots of water) All of them I’ve heard before. (Don’t eat carbs after 2pm) But I’ve never been able to put them all together. I sat down and checked out his plan thinking that Bob was a vegan and that I would be able to follow his plan easily. Turns out I was wrong. He was a vegan for a long time but now reluctantly eats animal protein. And his eating plan includes a LOT of protein. We all know I think you can get plenty of protein from plant foods and I’m going to do my best to get as close to Bob’s number as possible with plant foods.

That being said, I spent hours trying to figure out if I could substitute beans and tofu and veggies for the eggs, chicken, and beef that the first week of his plan outlines and still get to the protein he wants while staying within the overall calories. Then I spent several more hours shopping, prepping, and cooking for just one week of eating. I’m exhausted already.

Things I will be eating that are not vegan: greek yogurt, cheese, fish, and possibly eggs. I was eating cheese and occasionally some fish already. Mostly in the form of salmon Caesar salads and grilled cheese sandwiches. Super healthy.

I’m conflicted. I still believe that eating vegan is the healthiest way to eat. (But the veganish way I was eating is not) I still worry that turning away from that knowledge could cause problems as I get older. I worry about the response I’ll receive from people who were always judgmental about my veganism. I mean I’m admitting I failed. Or at least I’m actively quitting.

I have no doubt that eating this way, animal protein and all, is much healthier than I’ve been eating for the past year or so. Plants will still dominate my plate, just don’t be surprised if I order fish next time we have dinner together. PS – we should totally get together soon for dinner.

Oh, and that New Year’s Resolution? To get up earlier. I’m already regretting it.


8 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. I don’t think you’re admitting to failure…you’re just finding the diet that works best for you. You may not get a fun, 100% label like “vegan” to attach to yourself, but if you’re happy and healthy and feeling good, who the heck cares? Good luck! πŸ™‚

  2. I love this post, it’s exactly what we talked about – you’re being vulnerable and honest. I think it connects you to more people because they can relate to what you’re feeling. I can’t wait for you to try this new way of living. You inspired me to incorporate 1 day of vegetarian meals to our week and it has been awesome! I’m looking forward to taking this journey with you (even if it is from Seattle!)!
    PS – thank you for the extraordinary compliment! You make my heart happy!

  3. PPS – I meant to say thank you for the extremely nice compliment! Extraordinary isn’t exactly what I was going for! Your nice words were really touching.

    • I thought Extraordinary was a good word! πŸ™‚ Thanks for pushing me to expect more from life and for being such a great friend. Excited for your next adventure too, even if it’s not in KS/MO.

  4. I hear you! Being something different than a meat and potatoes type person is hard. Sometimes you just want to give up. But don’t ever think you are disappointing anyone. You inspired me to eat the way that I have for the past two years. You inspired me to run 2 half marathons. That is a whole lot of inspiring and not any disappointing.

    • Thanks LeaAnn, that was really nice to hear. I know being veggie is much more difficult for you so if anything you keep me going knowing if you can keep trying so can I. And running? Remember when we used to do that? πŸ™‚

  5. Love you! And I think this is a good idea. Maybe planning on what animal products to eat will prevent random animal eatings that are less healthy. Plus Greek yogurt is amazing.

    And yes, we should have dinner.


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