2012 Highlights

Hi friends! Have you been reading Jamie’s 2012 recaps? They are awesome, the fails one especially hilarious. Sorry that your failure is funny to us Jamie! I’m copying her idea and hoping I can make mine half as funny.

I reviewed my old blog to see what 2012 held and I have to say, my blog last year was lame. LAME! I guess funny things haven’t been happening to me as much lately. WTF? Here’s the highlights from 2012 in no particular order:

1. The 2012 Cotton Bowl Classic – I just reuploaded the photos from one of those posts and will be working on the rest because this is a trip I want to remember forever. It was an amazing experience to cap off an even more amazing season. EMAW!


2. 2012 BIG XII Champs! – You knew the Cats would make the list more than once, right? After last year’s excitement I never expected an even better showing this football season. I believe I predicted the Cats would go 9 – 3…boy was I wrong! One agonizing loss away from a National Title Game, a 3rd place Heisman Candidate, Bobby Dodd Coach of the year, BCS Bowl game, and a Big 12 title. Amazing. Love my cats. My Favorite Wildcat and I got to attend 2 games this season and while both were a little stressful we came out on top and had a great time at both games. #EMAW4life


3. Twitter – Yes, I’m seriously counting Twitter as one of my highlights from 2012. Perhaps I’m no longer funny on the blog because I’m used to compressing my humor into 140 characters? Remember when I became famous and John Mayer started following me? I was sure that was going to parlay into some kind of fame. Imagine my surprise when it didn’t happen. I’ve also been retweeted by KSU’s President a couple times this year. I feel like the only things I know in life are because I heard about them on Twitter. It such a great medium because unlike most news sources it’s in real time.


4. The Olympics – Cute Boy is probably going to laugh when he reads that but we had so much fun in our house watching the Olympics this year. Contrary to some reports, I do have National Pride and I do not hate the Olympics.


5. 30/30 – My blog was dominated this year by a single theme (besides K-State) and that was my Dirty Thirty list. While I won’t be completing everything on it before my birthday (FAIL!) it meant I pushed myself out of my comfort zone this last year and made time to do some of the things I’d always said I wanted to do.


6. Outings with J&J – No matter how long it’s been since we’ve gotten together or what is going on in our lives, I always have the best time with these women. I’d like to see more of them in 2013.


7. Daniel Tosh – Uh…seriously, I’m counting seeing Daniel Live as one of the highlights of 2012. I can’t tell you how often I quote his standup so getting to see him in real life and hear new material was so much fun. Our “entertainment” outings are usually KSU related so it was fun to do something different and visit the KC Music Hall as well.

I’m still not sure how I feel about 2012 overall but at least we survived the end of the world, right?!

Come back for the parts of 2012 I wish I could forget!

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