I am Grateful

I’ve run into a couple snags in my Dirty Thirty plan. A couple items that I thought would definitely happen may not be possible. I’m not sure how to feel about that. I mean failing if failing whether or not there was an unforeseen circumstance that brought about that failure. Oooh…deep.Anyway, the one item that I’m quite sure I will accomplish is #6: Try 8 new restaurants. With another 8 months left I’m already more than halfway to my goal. And loving every minute. This week a couple coworkers and I hit up a new KC Hot Spot. I only call it that because I enjoy being corny. And because it’s only been open for 2 months and was crazy busy on a Monday afternoon. For my friend Stack’s* birthday she suggested Cafe Gratitude and my sometimes Vegan ass was excited! Think about how hot my ass would be if I were Vegan all the time. Picture Carrie Underwood, who is Vegan, and you’ve got the right idea. Cafe Gratitude was started after the owner ate at one in San Francisco. It’s all vegan, organic, and as local as they can get it.

After checking out the menu it was clear that this gem was not just Vegan but pretty tree hugger as well. Each of the items had names like “I am Transformed” and “I am Gorgeous”.

We ordered an appetizer of Bruschetta (“I am present”) made with Cashew Mozzarella. I have heard of these cheeses made of nuts before and was eager to try it:

Verdict: GREAT.

I went a little safe on the entree choice and chose the tacos. (“I am transformed”)

There were HUGE and so filling. They were stuffed full of brown rice, black beans, pico de gallo, a huge dollop of guacamole and then covered in a cashew cheese sauce. Alongside a salad for some added veg. There were awesome, I could barely finish and I was certain anyone who likes tacos would enjoy these. I’m serious.

Part of me wishes I’d gone out on a limb a little and chosen something even more hippy. Ya know, something with Kale or sea vegetables. I’m sure everything on their menu was amazing. I’ll be more adventurous next time.

Even though we were all full from our entrees we did order a dessert to share. Tiramisu.

Our server mentioned that the slices that day were a little small so she included a scoop of ice cream with it. Let me tell you, it was off the charts good. I had to ask our server what it was made out of because it was amazing. I’m not a big ice cream fan, truly, I could go the rest of my life without ever having ice cream again but this could change my mind. She said it was made (again) with cashew cream, coconut milk, and vanilla. D – Lish!

I was super excited to see so many people having lunch there on a Monday. I love that KC is welcoming this Vegan restaurant with what appears to be, open arms. Yay veg!

*That’s the shortened version of her nickname: Shit Stack. That’s really one of her nicknames, I couldn’t make that up if I tried.


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