It’s Snowing

After much too long of a hiatus* Jamie, Jana and I met up at Snow & Company to catch up on life. And apparently have the same conversations we’ve already had. Do you know what GFY means? Here’s a hint: it’s not Good For You. But you could say GFY to someone and tell them you mean Good For You when clearly you mean something else.

Jamie arrived first and had to drink alone. Boo! When I finally arrived the waitress asked for my drink order before I had a chance to peruse the menu. Snow & Company’s concept is Artful Frozen Cocktails. Frozen Drinks. In machines behind the bar. Jana thought it was like self serve Froyo and almost asked if she could go behind the bar. Because I felt pressured to make a decision I asked for the sampling. Of all 10 cocktails. What? Go big or go home! Oh GFY!

Those glasses look bigger than they are. They were about 4 oz each. We liked them all except the one that tasted like straight Captain Morgan. Too many bad memories.

Shortly after Jana arrived a big group of guys around us began a meeting. With computers and a projector projecting things onto the wall. It was some kind of geeky tech meeting. We kept trying to figure out WHAT they were talking about but were lost. This launched us into a conversation about blogs. I’m quite sure they coulda rocked my blog world. Speaking of, there are new things coming around the Trophy Wife world. Hopefully that means new posts too. They were a group called Node KC. – but that link sends you somewhere weird. I think you have to be some kind of tech wizard to figure out their secret code.

We also ordered some food. I’ll be honest, I thought the hummus was bad. The pita was great though. The cheese was disappointing only because the picture online clearly shows jalapeno pear chutney on the brie and we got no such chutney.

I wish I could remember everything we talked about. Perhaps this is why we have the same conversations each time we get together: I don’t remember them. And I really didn’t drink that much. I think those premade frozen drinks are a rip off when it comes to alcohol content. Clever. But not too clever for me. We did have a long AWESOME conversation about food and they both said they don’t drink diet soda as much because of me. I told them I was telling Cute Boy that because now when he tells me to stop preaching I’ll say “I’M CHANGING THE WORLD!!” Riiiiight. It was a great discussion in which we all expressed a desire to know more and to hear both sides because we think we only get one.

Another successful night out with the girls. Not so successful on the restaurant. But it does count towards my Dirty Thirty. Thank goodness because June hasn’t been nearly as productive as May.

On the way out I stopped and interrupted the last remaining members of the conference to ask what exactly they were doing. They told us. But I don’t have the first idea what they said. I tried to make some joke about our blogs and you shoulda seen the look on their faces. Whatever. GFY!

*You didn’t think I was talking about my obscene blogging hiatus did you? Yeah, I’m aware I haven’t been blogging. I have no excuse, rhyme, or reason for you. GFY!


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