I am Famous

And Twitter is sooooo much better than Facebook. Also, I’m back on FB. Whatevs. Let’s get back to why I’m famous and having the best Twitter week ever!

1. On my Dirty Thirty list, #20 is “Get a retweet from B. Spears or a KSU Player”; when I wrote that item I was thinking someone like Will Spradling if Brit Brit didn’t come through for me (he tweets a lot – can we please talk about his gf? Someone, anyone know what I’m talking about here?!). Yesterday, I found out a bunch of KSU Baseball players got drafted. Interested in that info? Wish I would have done a Wildcat Wednesday post on it? Sorry. Google it or something. Anyway, one of the players that got drafted is Wade Hinkle. After reading that BIO I learned that he shares The Pitcher’s birthday minus almost 10 years…what can I say, The Pitcher is old. Read: THIRTY! Then I saw Hinkle’s twitter handle and I couldn’t help myself but tweet: Congrats to Wildcat BSB Player on getting drafted and on possibly the best twitter handle ever: @Two_inthe_Hink #EMAW. And then he retweeted it. YEAH Buddy! Mark that one off the list.

2. That was awesome. But today I became famous. Yesterday I read an article in Rolling Stone about John Mayer being humiliated by Taylor Swift’s song “Dear John”. Today, a friend of a friend tweeted: This T-swift John Mayer BS is annoying, she isn’t THAT young and she only writes songs about her exes so we should have expected it #overit. I drafted a response but the 140 character limit really got me. When I finally cut it down it read: She should be embarrassed not pissed. It’s John Mayer, you got played, who’s surprised? Song should be dear me: You’re stupid. I thought it was funny. Tricia responded back with a laugh. I moved on with my life. Then I got an email from Twitter. That John Mayer is now following me. JOHN MAYER IS FOLLOWING ME ON TWITTER! I AM FAMOUS!

What did you do this week?

One thought on “I am Famous

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