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Hi friends, how’s life?

Mine seems to be weighing me down which is annoying. Last night I told Cute Boy I was feeling melancholy* because I just didn’t have much to look forward to. He decided to list the things I have to look forward to, including but not limited to: the zoo and Tosh.0 coming back this month. He knows me so well. And is so sweet to cheer me up when needed.

Last night was supa fun and I got to try a new restaurant. I met J&J at Urban Table for dinner. We hadn’t gotten together since before the baby was born so we had a lot to catch up on. And a lot of summer plans to detail.

I arrived first and ordered Sangria.

Do you remember the last time we had Sangria? In case you don’t, please reread Jamie’s post about it. I laughed again and again while reading that AND realized that in a year we haven’t changed much because we made some of the same jokes last night and took similar photos.

When Jana arrived we oohed and ahhed over her outfit like we usually do. AND she had purple hair.

Once we were all assembled the chatting began. I might have said the F word loud enough that J&J both shushed me at one point. Oops. We had some great polenta fries and then Jana and I ordered Bruschetta while Jamie got a salad. Womp womp womp. I made fun of her salad choice most of the night but let’s be honest, someone ran a 3:53 marathon and is doing Insanity while someone else is carb loading.

Bacon, Artichoke, Golden Beets, Caprese

I chose my first three toppings quickly and then hesitated. I really wanted the Tomato/Candied Bacon combo and since I love Pork and was in the presence of Pork Royalty I decided to go for it. After I ordered, Jamie told our waiter, “She’s a vegan”. Dude! Why you gotta call me out like that? I clarified that I’m a sober vegan. He liked that.

We kept our drinking to a minimum but our gossiping, blog talking, and laughing at a maximum. As we left we caught some guy hooking his bike up to his SUV, switching his shoes and heading into a bar. We determined that he tells his family that he’s going biking but instead goes to the bar. Incidentally all three of us have decided to take up biking.

Expect more J, J, and TDub shenanegans this summer, we have LOTS of plans.

*No, I did not use that word, are you serious?


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