There’s nothing funny about _____

So you all liked my 30 things to do before turning 30, huh? I’ve received the BEST responses to this and it’s made me super excited to get started.

Speaking of, you can go ahead and cross off #5 now. Cute Boy, Drinking Buddy, BIL and I watched the one and only Daniel Tosh last night at the Music Hall. I should have put “visit the KC Music Hall” on my list because I thought it was a very pretty venue. Old: yes, but still pretty. We had the BEST time and Daniel did not disappoint. I’ve seen probably all of his standup (6 or 7 times each) and I felt like the whole night was new material. New, hilarious, totally inappropriate, laugh with your hand over your mouth material. It was awesome.

I tweeted the following to Daniel before the show:

Waiting in line for @danieltosh in KC. #theregoesdanielhesgotafatfatdick

If you don’t get that hashtag you haven’t seen his standup. Enough. I was kinda thinking it was just cool enough for him to retweet and I could mark that one off the list too but then he told us he averages 12,000 death threats a day. Via twitter. I doubt he caught my tweet. I’m just saying.

Cute Boy said he could hear me laughing above everyone and we were 3 seats apart. I enjoy life. Loudly. We had a super fun night over all and I’m already loving this project. So what’s next?

One thought on “There’s nothing funny about _____

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