Editors Note

A few times a month I will receive a phone call or come home to my husband wanting to have a conversation about my blog. He’ll start the convo with: “So I read your blog today,” or “I was reading your blog,” and before he can finish I’ll interrupt with something like, “Wasn’t ______ so funny?! I’m supa hilarious!” He always shakes his head and then proceeds to tell me the errors I’ve made in my recent posts.

Sometimes I blog very quickly and get so excited that even after spell checking and rereading it I’ll miss a word or use the wrong word. He points those out. I’m too lazy to correct them.

Sometimes I forget part of the story or my version of the story isn’t exactly the way he remembers it (or exactly the way it happened – whatev). He points those out. I rarely correct them.

Sometimes I just totally misunderstood something and post completely incorrect information. He points that out. And I really want to correct it because I care about giving you correct information don’t want you to think I’m stupid.

Upon reading my post about the Cotton Bowl Classic (that not enough of you commented on) he informed me that the reason we got 2 points on the blocked extra point return was because it counted as a 2 point conversion, not a safety (as I stated in the post). That makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE because I could not figure out how we got a safety without them being in the end zone. Anyway, apparently because it’s an extra point attempt the most points you can get are 1 or 2 which is why even though we returned it the length of the field it did not count as a touchdown. Makes sense. Still stupid. But I wanted you to know that he had it figured out the whole time and that I am stupid, just notthat stupid. What?

I told him that he should do a weekly post and just now I’ve decided it should be titled, “Shit my wife is wrong about”. Now that I title it that, I bet he would agree to do it and it WOULD BE HILARIOUS! Don’t you think? 🙂


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