Going through the Big D and don’t mean Dallas

I seriously had this song stuck in my head ALL week! I only know a few lines. It got annoying fast. Just ask The Farmer. After an uneventful flight from KC to Dallas on Wednesday and a very short shuttle ride to the hotel we arrived here:




You should click on that link, just to look at their photo. It’s even better than mine. Whoa.

Listen, I work at a hotel. I’ve been to many very nice hotels. This one was HUGE. And Awesome.


And Full of Wildcats! Upon arrival we ran into some friends. Kind of a fun story. The Farmer and I met in Spanish Class at K-State. Also in our class was a guy we’ll call The Freshman. Only because The Farmer called him that all throughout the class. Anyway, The Freshmen and his father work with The Farmer’s brother. Small world. We ran into their whole family at check in. Yay! Instant friends for the week. We made plans to tweet each other later for the Bball watch party. I love Twitter.

Then the Farmer and I took a long walk to our room. I’m not kidding. Here’s a photo of the hallway.


See the end there (no)? After you get there, turn right. Then walk about the same distance and turn right again. Then you’re at our room. I’m not kidding. It was almost comical how long the hallway was. She said she upgraded us. Right…

After we settled into our room, I took some photos and we checked in with the KSU folks.

DSCF0034 DSCF0035 - Copy DSCF0037 DSCF0040 DSCF0041

This hotel was GORGEOUS.

Here’s the first time I will tell you that if you ever want to travel with the Wildcats you should ABSOLUTELY, 100% do the Alumni Travel Package. It is expensive. And we wavered back and forth several times. I could have booked a very cheap hotel but in the end we decided to do it right. And I’m not sure I could ever do it differently again. Seriously, it was totally worth it. You’ll hear this repeatedly during these recaps.

We checked in with The Cats, got our tickets to the pregame event, drink coupons for breakfast the following morning (holla!) and our gifts.


These bags are nice. But kind of funny because after they hand you the bag they hand you a piece of paper telling you not to bring it to the game. Apparently Jerry is very particular about what size bags you can bring in to Cowboy Stadium. Still an awesome gift (we both go one) and I totally carried it onto the plane when we left as my “personal item” instead of my purse.

That evening there was to be a watch party at the hotel sports bar for the KSU/KU basketball game. We arrived an hour and a half early to find the place totally packed. Miraculously, the Farmer saw some people leaving and grabbed a booth. We ate a small dinner and waited for the game to start. I decided that when in Texas:


Wanna know where it’s hard to be a Vegan? KC. Wanna know where it’s really hard to be a Vegan? Texas. Yeah. I had a lot of salad. And cheese. In unrelated news, Texas ranked as the 12th fattest state for adults in 2011. Also noteworthy: Arkansas #9. Anything I can trash them on is good right now, trust me.

After awhile, The Freshman and his family arrived. They sat with us and we decided to order a beer tower. 100 ounces. $25.


That is a deal. A great deal. The game was not so good. I must have been distracted by drinking because I was not nearly as cranky as I should have been. We ordered a second:


After the game and as the place began to clear out the Farmer suggested we order a 3rd beer tower. I said no. The Freshman said “If you want to go to your room, go ahead.” Touche, my friend. A 3rd it will be.


We actually went to bed pretty early and rolled out the next morning around 9am to head to breakfast. There was a nice buffet (with a few veg options) and a bar. The Farmer doesn’t drink bloody marys and wasn’t feeling a beer at 9am so that means I got two drinks. Yay! I thought they’d have mimosas. Instead they poured Chamboard and Champagne.


Swoon. One of my fav drinks. The bartender was pretty heavy handed with the Chamboard, I think to make the drinks as purple as possible. They were strong. Buzzed at 10am? Sounds like a good vacay to me. I hope you’re seeing the perks of the Alumni Package.

I will tell you this tidbit about the group we traveled with: they are, overall, an older crowd. When standing in line at the bar I heard a gentleman (70ish) behind me say, “I don’t usually drink with breakfast, but if they’re gonna give us drink tickets!” and his friend said, “Yeah, what else are you supposed to do?” They might be older, but these are my people. It was actually kind of nice because they went to bed early so that meant the bars weren’t busy at night! 🙂

The Farmer wore this shirt to breakfast:


On the back it says, “Keepin’ in Rural”. My bff, Jimmy Dean has this shirt as well. When the Farmer bought it I was a little surprised. Mostly because he grew up in JoCo. I think I asked him if he’s ever been on a tractor. This shirt was a HUGE hit with the older crowd. He probably got asked 4 times where he got it from Old Farmers. It was super cute.

We spent most of that morning berating me for choosing not to go on the tour of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. And walking around the hotel. I considered buying cowboy boots:


I’ve been a Cowboy’s fan all my life and once Terrence Newman got drafted by them I have an even greater reason to love them. When the opportunity came up we were already spending a lot of money so I opted not to attend the tour. That is my one regret from this trip. It sounds like it was amazing. Although there’s some question about whether or not the locker room they toured was the actual team locker room or not. I’m going to tell myself no so that I don’t feel like I missed out on much.

We also saw these while walking around:




They had every player…except we couldn’t find Collin Klein’s. WTF?

Later that afternoon we boarded a bus (the best perk of the Alumni Package) and headed to the Texas Ranger’s Ballpark for a Pep Rally. But that will have to wait…


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