St. Lucia Thursday

**I let someone borrow my Britney CD a couple weeks ago. And I haven’t had a chance to make another copy from iTunes. This means I haven’t listened to Brit in a long time. I’m going through serious withdrawal. Until I opened Pandora today and found out they had added Circus to their library which means I’ve hear 3 songs from it already. The first song that came up was Shattered Glass, which is my favorite. It’s going to be a good day.

We woke up Thursday, early, headed down to breakfast and got ready to leave on our excursion. I gotta be honest, we almost bailed. I was feeling sick still, and I was sick to my stomach because, well, that’s what I do and Sleeping Boy wasn’t feeling great either. I thought we’d have to forfeit the entire amount we’d paid for this thing (over $100 each) but he said it would only be 50%. That was still too much and we both knew we’d have a good time so we got over ourselves and got onto the van headed to the boat.
There were several excursion options that we could do and we decided on one that we felt gave us the most for our money. We would ride a catamaran (love that!) out to Soufriere which is a small city with a lot of attractions. After seeing the sights we would have lunch at a local restaurant, then head back onto the boat for the trip home. On the way home we’d stop to snorkel and swim.
We boarded the boat and I immediately headed towards the front of the boat. I love boats. I love being on water, I was pumped.
Sleeping Boy slept the entire trip out. I was super tired as well and we thought it was from the Dramamine we had taken (just in case) until we later found out it was “non drowsy”, ha! Although the waves are very rough at our resort, the water was extremely calm all the way to Soufriere.
When we got there we boarded several buses and headed to the first spot: the Volcano. It’s known as the Sulfur Springs because, well, there are springs, that smell like sulfur. Pretty ingenious if you ask me. Yes, it smelled bad.
I, like Jana’s mom, hate pictures without people in them and I took a TON this day. I refuse to use them though. (except for that last few, of course)
The volcano is the only “drive in” volcano in the Caribbean. There is no cone like you are used to seeing with a volcano. Sometime, years ago, it collapsed. This photo is of us literally standing on a volcano. It’s still active, the bubbling rivers of sulfur water (see the steam behind us? It’s 212 degrees in that grey water so you don’t wanna jump in or anything) tell you that it’s still active. They believe if it ever erupts again it will cause a tsunami the likes of which we’ve never seen. I don’t remember it all but much of the east coast of the US would be under water. Not cool.
We continued through the Sulfur Springs (it was the only time the entire trip my sinus’s (those plural s’s get me every time!) were clear. But only for about an hour. Boo.
After this we headed to the Botanical Gardens. It is privately owned and funded and was really beautiful. I took tons of photos there but again, who wants to see pictures of flowers when you could see my smiling face? Here is a photo in the Botanical Gardens at the Diamond Waterfall. Pretty cool. And of course, I’m representing: Go cats! Because we were out so long the day before I kept my shirt on for most of the boat ride and all of our time on land. My chest and arms were super red and I was trying to be a responsible adult. Whatever, it hurt! And no, those are not jeans, just walking shorts. The chick we asked to take our picture here was a photographer so she took like 6 photos, some up close, some horizontal, some vertical. She was good. Nice work Sleeping Boy for asking the photog!
We were all getting pretty hungry so luckily our next stop was lunch. It was an interesting restaurant, to say the least and I was a little scared of the food (when Sleeping Boy saw the entrees (it was a buffet) he loaded up on rice just in case) it ended up being pretty good. There was some really horrific cake for dessert though (seriously, see the theme?).
Here’s a photo outside the restaurant. The peak in the back is one of the Pitons, which means twin peaks. You can’t really see the other one, as it is behind this one but I promise it’s there. These are pretty famous, there is even a local beer called Pitons.
No points this day towards our sandals and we only saw our friends for a minute (they had dinner reservations 1/2 and hour before us). We were exhausted so we went to bed pretty early that day. Only one day left in paradise!
Did I mention, Go cats! How about that win over the tigers last night? Woohoo!
After lunch we headed back to the boat. They were really pushing the booze on the way back but I figured that wasn’t a good mix with the sinus meds and Dramamine. They even played drinking games on the way home on the boat. You know the competitor in me was begging to play, especially once I saw the females lame attempts to chug beer. But alas, not today. Sleeping Boy slept part of the way home too. Seriously, he could sleep anywhere, anytime.
We stopped in a small harbor to snorkel and swim. This is something Sleeping Boy had never done before. He had some trouble with the whole breathing out of a snorkel thing but once he got that adjusted correctly I think he really enjoyed it. I took photos with our underwater camera but don’t have them with me now. They weren’t great anyway! I went snorkeling in Hawaii years ago. And loved it. Half our family got sick on the boat but i was totally in my element and enjoyed the whole thing. This time…different. I jumped in and was enjoying myself until I looked down. There were a BUNCH of fish right below us and something about that freaked me out. Maybe it was because we had just watched Planet Earth, the Deep Ocean episode right before we came or maybe because I’m a huge pansy in my old age but it freaked me out and I wanted out of there NOW! I hung out for a while cause leaving Sleeping Boy in there alone freaked me out too (seriously, what is my problem?). We weren’t in long but it was long enough. The rest of the trip back was really nice, I really could spend all day every day on a boat in the ocean, or lake for that matter.
We were exhausted when we got home and super hungry. I had two granola bars left that I’d packed for the airport so I gave those to Sleeping Boy but that really wasn’t filling. I finally called down and was like, where can I get some food?? They informed us that our favorite lunch spot, Arizona’s served food until 6pm. Sweet. We headed down there where Sleeping Boy had a burger and I had a jerk chicken club. We had dinner reservations again that night, at 9:15pm. We would NOT have made it otherwise! We went back, took and a nap, watched some tv, and then got ready for dinner.
Dinner was at a French Restaurant called La Toc (that is the name of the bay/cove/whatever that our resort was on). It was supposed to be one of the best restaurants on the resort. And it was. I had mushroom bisque that was really good and we both had Steak Au Pouivre.
Sleeping Boy’s was good, mine was fatty. But still pretty good. Then we had dessert. They had creme brulee. I was pumped. I love creme brulee. This is a French restaurant with good food, they should have good creme brulee. My hopes were up. It, was….horrible. Seriously. It was warm all the way through which is disgusting and it was lumpy. This is not what creme brulee is supposed to be like. Such a disappointment. Sleeping Boy had double chocolate mousse which was the consistency of gelatin. Gross. This is when he started calling me a food critic cause I was voicing my disappointment. I mean he’s known me long enough to know I like food and I consider myself knowledgeable. I at least know that creme brulee should be cold!! (smiley omitted)
Here we are after dinner: again no make up. And lots of sun burn. Sleeping Boy is wearing linen pants and a silk shirt. I say again: sleeping boy is wearing linen pants and a silk shirt. I don’t know if I mentioned this before but he borrowed several silk shirts (tommy bahama, of course) from his brother for the trip. Yes, I understand this is totally appropriate for a Caribbean island. And they look really good on him. But my husband is not the silk shirt, linen pants kinda guy. Seriously. It’s worth mentioning. Twice. He loved the pants though and wore them repeatedly. He wanted to wear them when we got home but I informed him that they might not be so comfy with KS freezing winds whipping through them. Please comment on the shoes. I love them. Sleeping Boy bought them for me years ago for Christmas and I almost never wear them because they are so high.


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