St. Lucia Tuesday

First of all, have I ever mentioned I hate snow? Oh, yeah, often. Well, I hate snow. I hate that we got a dusting of snow but that caused every driver on my route to work to decide they no longer knew how to drive. Ugh. Is it March yet? Or maybe April 2nd? Anyway, back to the Caribbean we go for the Tuesday recap of our honeymoon:

After feeling like crap Monday I woke up and realized I still felt like crap. Knowing how my sinus infections usually work if I had just rested for one day I probably would have been golden…but this is a vacay people, no time for staying in bed all day!

We headed out to the pool again

And this is me about 2 minutes later.

It rains. A lot. Every single day. Usually it was from about 11am-12pm and then again in the evening. Sometimes at like 2pm also. That’s pretty much your cue to go eat lunch because once you’re done the rain is probably over. However, when it rained while we were laying out there was always an internal battle: Do I go in? Do I wait it out? As you can see, we (and that girl behind me covered in her towel) are waiting it out. It got really cold when it rained so I had to cover up. Near the end of the trip the boys kept saying that if you were in the pool you didn’t even notice the rain! Whatever. It was annoying to say the least. The locals call it, Liquid Sunshine. Lame.

I said I was going to take a picture of every drink I had but I didn’t which was probably a good idea. Here’s the first one from the pool bar:

They have this huge board (which I’ll post on a later date) with all the drinks and I decided I would try one of each. That really didn’t happen at all. I stuck to about 3 that were too yummy to stop. This one is called “Kiss-Kiss” and it was good: Rum (of course), coconut rum, pineapple juice, some other juice, probably Blue Curacao cause that was in almost every drink. It was good but it did make me feel like a tool to go up to the bar and say: “I’d like a kiss kiss please.” (PS. No cute glasses or umbrellas. If you’d seen the quantity of drinks they served from that bar each day you’d understand why. But still a little disappointing.

While we’re on the subject here is The Best Husband Ever (He never once complained about my sinus infection putting a damper on the vacay. He even sat inside with me Monday afternoon when I thought I might die) with a couple more.

He’s got “The Blues” which he said was too sweet and didn’t finish and the other is “Cool Runnings”. I know it looks like the Kiss-Kiss but trust me, I know the difference. Cool Runnings became the drink of the week for the boys and it was a good one. Again, rum, Blue Curacao, some kind of juices and sugar. He was my own personal cabana boy as he went back and forth from the pool bar to our lounge chairs often. Just another reason he’s the Best Husband Ever.

Don’t you love those sunglasses? It was quite the ordeal to find the “right” pair and we disagreed about what looked good on him but I think we were both very happy with his choice. Well done Best Husband Ever!

Not too much else exciting this day, just some beach time and lots of pool time. I’m sure there was a nap in there somewhere as well.

We went to a different restaurant that evening, the Arizona Restaurant which served Tex-Mex food and was pretty good. We attended an orientation Monday and they mentioned something about taking a shuttle to this restaurant so we did. Once we got there I looked down the beach and realized it was about 50 feet from the main lobby. The rest of the trip our friends made fun of us for taking the shuttle. Pretty funny. It also became our new spot for lunch once our friends let us know that they serve pizza and have a self serve chips and salsa/queso station. Here’s a photo after dinner:

I didn’t do my hair much cause that didn’t seem like an appropriate vacay activity. Nor did I wear make up, EVER. Yeah, maybe not the best ideas?


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